Chatham Bay

Chatham Bay is a picturesque area of Union Island in the nation of St Vincent and the Grenadines. It is located on the western side of Union Island and is completely undeveloped and unspoiled. Just as in the other islands of the Grenadines, you will be able to enjoy warm, reef-protected waters, gentle surf, and lush tropical foliage. It is one of the best Union Island beaches largely because of the fact that you can explore the bay without being disrupted by throngs of tourists. This is rarely every a problem in the Grenadines anyway, but when you visit Chatham Bay, you can be sure you will have a serene experience. There are also plenty of activities for more adventurous types, including kayaking, fishing, and snorkeling. You also have the option of simply lounging around on the idyllic beaches and soaking up the warming tropical sun. You can find a couple of nice little beach bars on the weekends that are operated by locals.

Tall cliffs that are adorned with green lush foliage, palm trees, and other island flora surround the bay. You can expect to see pelicans and a wide variety of tropical birds. Keep your eyes out on the water and you may even see rays, dolphins, and sharks. The underwater experience at Chatham Bay is also not to be missed. Just as with places like Mayreau and Tobago Cays, there are top notch sites for reef diving and snorkeling within close proximity of the Union Island Beaches. If you are planning a trip to St Vincent and the Grenadines you should strongly consider a kayak tour of Chatham Bay for views of some of the most picturesque coves in the island chain.

Image: St Vincent & The Grenadines Tourist Office
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