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St Vincent events are happening throughout the year as island residents and visitors alike take advantage of the year-round tropical climate at this Caribbean destination. Average temperatures hover around 78 degrees throughout the year in St Vincent and the Grenadines, so the weather is perfect for outdoor celebrations, both in town centers and on the beaches. The most popular St Vincent festivals tend to incorporate elements of the island chain’s traditions and collective cultural heritage. Whether it is the Bequia Music Fest, the Mustique Blues Festival, or the Vincy Mas Carnival, you can count on all St Vincent and the Grenadines events offering a decidedly Caribbean flair.

Although it occurs toward the end of the calendar year, the Nine Mornings Festival can truly be said to be the event that marks the beginning of the year in St Vincent and the Grenadines, as it ushers in the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. Every morning beginning on December 16, people rise early to attend mass and street festivals and generally celebrate the anticipation of Christmas and the New Year. Steel pan music can be heard playing in the streets and dance competitions, food, and drink are all the orders of the day. This is a wonderful time to be in this part of the Caribbean. As this is one of the most highly anticipated St Vincent festivals throughout the year, the entire island chain seems to light up with Christmas lights of every variety.

The end of January sees another of the most popular St Vincent events come to the islands. The Bequia Music Fest is held in the end of January each year and features a range of performers along the beach and in venues in Lower Bay. Enjoy reggae, calypso, blues, as well as great food and drinks at this island-favorite event. The Mustique Blues Festival is also rocking during this time (late January through early February). If you are a music lover and are in town during this time, it would suit you well to check out both island events. You won’t be disappointed. It is also worth noting that there are a number of Bequia hotels as well as Mustique hotels should you decide to plan an overnight, or perhaps multiple-day trip.

The Canouan Regatta is held during the month of May and is a favorite with island residents as well as boat lovers of every stripe. This is one of the St Vincent and the Grenadines events that the entire family can enjoy. There is a calypso competition, a beauty pageant, games happening all over, and of course, boat races. It is fun to walk along the beach and harbors and watch the boats. There are plenty of places to enjoy dining and shopping as well as a variety of options for Canouan hotels.

The Vincy Mas Carnival is perhaps the most popular and highly anticipated of all the St Vincent festivals. It takes place between in late June and early July and features all manner of street parades, dancing competitions, street fairs, and generally, partying. Most Carnival celebrations are held prior to Lent in February, but not on St Vincent and the Grenadines. Be prepared to bring your dancing shoes for this mid-summer event.

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