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St Vincent flights may not be the least expensive flights out there, but once you arrive in this island paradise, you will be happy that you made the effort. It is sometimes possible to find relatively cheap St Vincent flights if you make your reservations far enough in advance and during the right time of the year. The thing about St Vincent and the Grenadines is that there is nearly perfect weather year round, making it a popular destination for travelers in any month. Your best bet for finding reasonably priced flights to the Grenadines is to look for package deals and make sure you book plenty in advance of your trip. Check the booking tool on this page, which will allow you to compare flight deals across many travel sites, to start your search.

E.T. Joshua International Airport (SVD) is the hub you will ultimately be flying into when you go to St. Vincent and the Grenadines. There are no direct flights from most international destinations, whether in North America or Europe, to E.T. Joshua Airport. If you are taking one of the St Vincent flights from the United States, for instance, you will likely have several stops in between. If you are leaving from the East Coast of the US you may only have one stop (in San Juan or Anguilla for instance), but if you are departing from the West Coast, you will likely lay over at another major international airport in the likes of New York, Philadelphia, or Houston, before making your last two connections. If you are trying to find cheap St Vincent flights and are departing from the West Coast of the US or any other destination that requires a layover within the country, you may consider the possibility of booking a one-way flight to an East Coast departure point if it saves money on the cost of booking your itinerary all together.

Flights to the Grenadines are normally booked through major airlines who have small domestic carriers to complete the transportation. If you are planning to travel by air once you arrive in St Vincent and the Grenadines, you can take small-engine plane to Canouan and Mustique, to name a few places with airstrips. Canouan actually has a modern airstrip. One of the most popular flights to the Grenadines within the island chain is from St Vincent to Mustique, a mere ten-minute flight that is a favorite among residents and visitors because of the laid-back, party atmosphere on the island, the wonderful beaches, and the great food, drinks, and music.

You will not have to worry about finding whatever it is you may need at the airport once you have made the final arrangements for your St Vincent flights. There are a variety of shops, a bar and a restaurant, telephones, an information desk, car rentals, and places to pick up other ground transportation like buses and taxis.

Once you have your plans ironed out you can look into all of the things to do on St Vincent and the other islands like Bequia and Union Island. Snorkeling and diving are popular as well as boating and just relaxing on the beach. There is no shortage of great food, festive events, and beautiful sunshine.



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