Friendship Bay

Friendship Bay Bequia is one of the most alluring parts of this tropical island paradise. The beautiful white-sand beaches of Bequia do not get any prettier than the ones at Friendship Bay. St Vincent and the Grenadines has earned a reputation as a premiere destination in the Caribbean where people can enjoy resort living in a remote location. Some of the best Bequia beaches, including Friendship Bay, Industry Bay, and Belmont offer not only stunning vistas of the sea and the surrounding islands, but also fantastic resorts and a selection of restaurants and bars. When you vacation in St Vincent and the Grenadines, you will be treated to all kinds of fun island music, including steel drum and calypso, as well all the tasty Caribbean seafood you can eat.

The Friendship Bay Resort is one of the top accommodations on the island of Bequia and offers its valued guests a range of amenities and spacious, tastefully appointed guest rooms and suites. There are 26 rooms and suites altogether, most of which are situated right on the beach. You can awaken every morning to the sound of the warm water careening over the sand and the Caribbean Sea in the horizon. The Friendship Bay Resort offers two restaurants, spa treatments, a swimming pool, an outdoor bar, and much more. Excellent service is the order of the day at this particular accommodation. Friendship Bay is definitely one of the best Bequia beaches, and if you are planning to travel to this island in the Grenadines, you should look into availability at the resort situated right in it. It is noteworthy that not all parts of the beach are guarded, in the event you have children. Generally, in St Vincent and the Grenadines, you will only find guards and public services outside of hotels and resorts. Many of the beaches are remote and not watched by lifeguards.

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