Kingstown St Vincent is the capital city and primary port of the nation St Vincent and the Grenadines. The population in the town if about 16,000 people and the town only consists of about twelve square blocks. The city itself is more a port of entry to the island of St Vincent than a resort destination in and of itself, but it does offer a range of restaurants, craft stores, boutiques, and an amazing produce market. The primary Kingstown attractions are the natural coastlines, just like the rest of the islands in the Grenadines. There are plenty of opportunities for dining, entertainment, and shopping, but the best things to do in Kingstown still involve enjoying the beautiful beaches, whether it is diving and snorkeling, swimming, or just relaxing in the sun on the beach.

Kingstown St Vincent is the most populated city on the main island of St Vincent and the Grenadines. Small white houses pepper the lush tropical hillsides with the blue waters of the Caribbean Sea as the backdrop. Typically, people who visit St Vincent and the Grenadines continue on to more tourist-centric destinations on the island where there are luxury hotels or other hotel accommodations, as well as more restaurants, bars, and cafes. One of the best things about visiting St Vincent Island, and this definitely includes Kingstown itself, is the live music, dancing, and partying. You will not have to go far to find calypso, steel pan, and lots of dancing and singing, especially on the weekends. One of the very best things to do in Kingstown is to go out to dinner at a place where you can not only enjoy top-notch seafood and Creole, but also local music and views of the Atlantic. The idyllic settings make the beaches here some of the most alluring Kingstown attractions.

Another of the favorite things to do in Kingstown is shopping. People vacationing on St Vincent Island and the surrounding islands of Bequia and Canouan, make the trip to Kingstown for shopping of all kinds. There is a lot of shopping stuffed into the twelve-block capital city of St Vincent and the Grenadines. There are in fact several department stores (geared perhaps more toward the needs of island residents), but the best action for tourists and visitors of the islands in general may just be the Cruise Ship Complex known as Grenadines Wharf, where you will find a variety of souvenir shops, duty free stores, and boutiques. There are also some noteworthy boutiques in the luxury hotels at Vila. The Kingstown Market is located on Kingsboro Street and is a prime location to find locally made arts and crafts, as well as jewelry and clothing. Upper Bay Street is another place to find retail shopping in Kingstown.

The Kingstown Produce Market takes up a whole block and is surrounded by Upper Bay, Bedford, and Hillsboro Streets. There are lots of places, not only to shop, but also to have food and drinks, as well as see music, art, and other entertainment. One of the other main Kingstown is the Botanic Garden, which was founded in 1765, making it the oldest in the entire Western Hemisphere.



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