Kingstown Hotels

Kingstown hotels put you in the middle of the action on St Vincent Island, the primary island of St Vincent and the Grenadines. There are a variety of hotels in and around Kingstown where you will be within close range of attractions like the Kingstown Produce Market and a wide selection of boutiques, shops, restaurants, cafes, and places to see local live music and dancing. Determining the best Kingstown St Vincent hotels will depend upon how much you are interested in spending on your accommodation. The price range goes from relatively inexpensive to costly as you move up to the luxury hotels and resorts.

The Villa Lodge Hotel is located on Indian Bay in Kingstown. Although it is not a full-service resort, this relatively small hotel boasts excellent customer service, and follows through. It is about a twenty-minute drive from the ferry port, so if you don't have a car rental, you may want to plan for relatively steep taxi fare. The rooms are cozy and the views are amazing. It only takes a couple of minutes to walk down to the beach and you can take a bus for around $1 to just about anywhere on the island for dining, shopping, and music.

The New Montrose Hotel is another of the Kingstown hotels where it may be possible for you to find very favorable rates. It is a quaint hotel that nonetheless offers express check-in and check-out, full concierge services, complimentary breakfast at the onsite (breakfast only) restaurant, and spacious rooms with balconies. Enjoy access to diving and snorkeling, kayaking and swimming at the local beaches just minutes away, and take in all of the exciting shopping and nightlife going on in the small but vibrant capital of Kingstown.

The Beachcombers Hotel (pictured) at Villa Beach may just be one of the very best Kingstown St Vincent hotels, especially when you consider the excellent location, wide array of amenities, and premium guest services. There is an onsite restaurant and bar with a convivial, tropical feel. Enjoy breakfast in the morning, followed by unique dishes for lunch and dinner with an international flare. This is one of the Kingstown accommodations that sits atop the rolling hills and looks down upon the Caribbean Sea and the gorgeous tropical flora all around. If you are looking for Kingstown hotels with picturesque views, you cannot get a lot better than this one.

The Paradise Beach hotel is another of the Kingstown accommodations located at sterling Villa Beach, a treasured area on St Vincent Island where both residents and eager guests enjoy white sand and crystal clear, blue waters. The amenities are limited, but the rooms are comfortable and the views and location are utterly amazing. The guest services staff is very friendly and the food is very nice. You can stop into the onsite restaurant for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This is one of the best Kingstown St Vincent hotels when it comes to location and proximity to the beach. It just takes a casual stroll to find yourself winding along some of the most pristine stretches of coastline in the Caribbean Sea. This is one of the Kingstown accommodations where you do not have to pay excessive amounts for a prime location.



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