Mayreau is the smallest inhabited island in the nation of St Vincent and the Grenadines. It is located south of St Vincent Island between Union Island and Canouan. Mayreau Island Grenadines is known for its remoteness and unsullied coastal perfection. There is not so much as an airstrip so you will have to sail to the island. The moment the island is within eyeshot, you will realize why it is more than worth the trip. Just as with most of the other islands in the Grenadines, Mayreau beaches offer fine, white sand, crystal-blue waters with expansive coral reefs, and nearly perfect weather year round. There are no hotels on the Mayreau beaches, and perhaps this is why people appreciate them so much. People enjoying holidays on Canouan, St Vincent, or Mustique, for example, will find it easy to make their way via any manner of watercraft to this sterling island paradise.

You can find people from all over the world reveling in the sun on any one of the relatively undisturbed islands in this island chain of the Lower Antilles. Whether you decide to stay on St Vincent Island, Bequia, or any of the other Grenadine Islands, you should strongly consider spending a day, or if you have a boat, finding a mooring and enjoying this locale for a while. Divers and snorkelers will find these emerald waters to be nothing short of magical. It is not at all uncommon to see nurse sharks and eagle rays, not to mention scores of tropical fish, and the local resident of the Tobago Cays and the surrounding islands, the green sea turtles. Visitors can take tours of the island, or just be dropped off by jetty to Saline Bay from Union Island or Canouan. From there, the village is just a short and picturesque hike. There are a couple of bars and restaurants and a beautiful old Catholic church from which views of the sweeping Caribbean, including the Tobago Cays.

There are several gorgeous, unspoiled, white-sand Mayreau beaches, the largest and best of which is Saltwhistle. The references to salt and saline on the island come from salt pond that is situated east of Saline Bay. These may just be the most idyllic, if not remote, beaches in this particular Caribbean chain of islands. The fact that there are only some 250 residents speaks to just how remote it is. It is no wonder that people with yachts or other boats enjoy dropping a mooring in these pleasant waters. The Mayreau beaches are excellent for enjoying a lovely day in the sun, and the waters and reefs make for a perfect environment for divers and snorkelers of all ages and skill levels.

Mayreau Island Grenadines is a perfect retreat for people sleeping aboard their yachts or staying at one of the luxury hotels on one of the other islands. The real advantage of this island is that it is so remote and naturally beautiful. If you are staying on St Vincent and are looking for a magnificent place for a romantic, moonlit stroll or an afternoon picnic, Mayreau could be just right. In the event of an afternoon picnic in the summer time, be sure to bring and umbrella aboard ship, as well as plenty of sun block.

Image: andreas_carlen (flickr)


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