Mustique is a tiny island in the nation of St Vincent and the Grenadines, situated approximately twenty miles due south from St Vincent Island and about ten miles southwest from Bequia. Mustique Island is a favorite destination for people who are generally staying on one of the larger islands. There are two hotels and some privately owned villas, but Mustique is normally a side destination for travelers visiting St Vincent. Mustique travel has perhaps become so popular because of the absolute ease of access from St Vincent Island. All you need to do is take the quick ten-minute flight to get to the beautiful beaches, colorful coral reefs, and laid-back atmosphere of this 1,400-acre, tropical paradise in the Caribbean Sea.

Just because the Mustique beaches are not known by everyone around the world as premiere beach destinations, their appeal has not been lost on some of the biggest stars and cultural icons, including Queen Elizabeth II, Bill Gates, Mick Jagger, and Elton John. It is not difficult to see how, once the secret was let out of the bag, more and more people began to make the trek to this largely untouched, idyllic destination on the eastern part of the Caribbean Sea. Mustique Island features year-round tropical weather, fine sand beaches, hidden coves, and crystalline blue waters that are truly inspiring. If you can draw yourself away from lounging on the beach, you will find there are plenty of activities like boating, kayaking, diving, and fishing. You can also enjoy some wonderful seafood and Creole on Mustique Island. Basil’s is a restaurant and bar establishment on Mustique that has been around for years and is known to everyone who has visited the island. The restaurant sits atop stilts in the water and provides unparalleled vistas of the sea. This is, needless to say, an amazing place to have dinner or just some cocktails with friends as you watch the sun set over the majestic blue waters.

Britannia Bay is a place you should consider visiting as you make final plans that include Mustique travel. This beach on the west part of the island offers a perfect spot to soak up rays, enjoy snorkeling, kayaking, or just relaxing. Endeavor Bay is another beautiful beach located on Mustique. It is the main beach that is used by patrons of the Cotton House, the primary hotel accommodation on Mustique Island. L’Ansecoy Bay is at the northern most point of the island and also offers awe-inspiring vistas of the Caribbean as well as the beautiful coastline and vibrant reefs. Macaroni Beach just may be the most popular beach with visitors of the island, featuring the island’s finest white sand and brilliant coves and patches of beach for relaxing and taking in the sun. You can also make your way over to Gelliceaux Bay, a marine conservation located on Mustique Island where you can learn about the area’s marine life in an interactive and engaging way.

As you begin to finalize your Mustique travel plans, you will want to make sure you give yourself enough time to enjoy all of the things to do on the island. Whether it is fishing, diving and snorkeling, or just relaxing that strikes your fancy, you will be sure to find something that appeals to you at the island paradise.

Image: St Vincent & The Grenadines Tourist Office
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