Mustique Hotels

Mustique hotels are quickly becoming some of the most popular options for repeat travelers to St Vincent and the Grenadines. Mustique has a certain appeal, not only because of its perfect beaches and reef-protected waters, but also because of the fun, party atmosphere, nightlife, and shopping. The best Mustique Island hotels (there are only two of them) give you access to the pristine Mustique beaches and should offer helpful guest services to assist in arranging your itinerary while on your trip. You will quickly find that there are virtually endless things to do on the island, from swimming and kayaking, to windsurfing and scuba diving. Dining, enjoying tropical cocktails, and dancing to local steel pan and calypso music also take their place on many vacationer’s schedules as well.

The Firefly Hotel is one of the Mustique accommodations where you can enjoy both a luxurious as well as a tranquil experience. Even though St Vincent and the Grenadines is not at all an overrun tourist destination, some of the luxury hotels and resorts tend to get very busy during particular times of the year. When you book a stay at this hotel, you can rest assured that you are going to have a peaceful experience. The hotels sits atop a hill overlooking the Caribbean Sea on the island of Mustique and the guest accommodations are so thoughtfully and uniquely appointed, there are only five to choose from. Each of the guest quarters features a distinctive design that coheres wonderfully with the tropical island landscape that will greet you from the place of your balcony. Enjoy onsite dining, as well as drinks at either the Mustique Martini or Champagne Clubs. These Mustique accommodations provide the best in suite-style living on the island and are well worth exploring.

The Cotton House (pictured) is not only one of the best Mustique Island hotels. It is arguably one of the top accommodations in St Vincent and the Grenadines. This hotel truly represents luxury vacationing to the fullest. Pampered guests will enjoy fine dining from a selection of eateries, including outdoor dining options, as well as a pool bar and full service on the beach. It does not get much better than that. But then again, you have not yet tried the gastronomic delights available at the fine dining restaurant. The Spa at the Cotton House will take you away to a world of sheer delight as you enjoy personalized spa and massage treatments. There are also fitness facilities on-site. Access to an amazing beach, great seafood, excellent spa facilities, and welcoming concierge service are the order of the day at the renowned Cotton House.

Mustique is a tiny, privately-owned island that has very few residents. Besides the Firefly, a small, five-room accommodation and the island’s only major hotel, the Cotton House, you will have to looking into vacation rentals on the island. Some would argue that the best Mustique accommodations are the villas that are for rent from private owners. Many times these are large, beachfront properties that are excellent for families and large groups of friends looking to split the cost of a spectacular accommodation in the Caribbean.



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