St Vincent Things To Do

St Vincent things to do include everything from boating through Caribbean waters and hiking volcanic terrain to diving and snorkeling in some of the most beautiful reef waters in the Lower Antilles portion of the Windward Islands. The year-round tropical climate makes for a virtual paradise when it comes to sunny and warm weather. Residents and visitors of St Vincent and Grenadines enjoy outdoor festivities, including dancing, street parades, festivals, and concerts on the beach, with the backdrop of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean as the backdrop. Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast looking forward to the myriad possibilities for water sports and activities or if you are simply in need of a relaxing beach getaway, it is hard to imagine anyone not falling in love with this enchanting part of the Caribbean.

Diving and Snorkeling

The crystal-blue waters and abundant reefs of the Caribbean Sea provide an idyllic setting for avid divers and snorkelers, not to mention an other-worldly experience for novice divers looking to take their first plunge. The west and southeast parts of the island of St Vincent tend to be the best places for diving and snorkeling. The reef-protected waters make for calm currents that are perfect for snorkeling. Villa Beach, Indian Bay, Wallilabou are three places that are notorious for spectacular underwater adventures and are some of the most popular, natural St Vincent and the Grenadines attractions.


When most people think about St Vincent things to do, their minds tend not to wander too much farther than the pristine beaches. The perfect temperatures and crystalline waters add to the effect, and so many people plan their itineraries around water activities and the beach. Most of the beaches on St Vincent and the other islands are black-sand beaches while several white-sand beaches can be located as well, including Villa Beach and Indian Bay. You can rent beach equipment at the popular beaches and there are plenty of places to catch an island cocktail and a bite to eat in all of the favorite tourist areas.


It has to be said that the top St Vincent and the Grenadines attractions are the some 30 islands themselves. The best way to explore the island for a lot of people is to take to the high seas. You have the option of renting or chartering a boat and setting sail to the Tobago Cays or Mustique, whatever suits your fancy. Whale watching cruises and sunset cruises are particularly favorite itineraries for families and also make for nice romantic evenings on the water.


The natural beauty of St Vincent and Grenadines does not stop at the coastlines. Rather, the interior of the islands provides a number of inviting terrains that lend themselves wonderfully to a variety of eco-tourism activities. One of the favorites of these is hiking. The most popular hiking itinerary is the active volcano of Mt. Soufriere. It is recommended that you opt for one of the guided tours when it comes to this particular hiking trip. If you are averse to hiking this volcanic trail, there are other options including coastal hikes and explorations of the islands’ rainforests.


Everybody want to have the option of doing some guilt-free shopping on vacation, and you will certainly find plenty of place to spend your money on this island chain in the Caribbean. Check out the duty free shops and boutiques at the Grenadines Wharf in Kingstown and the Kingstown Market on Hillsoboro Street for locally made crafts and other such items.


The specialty in the Caribbean is seafood, and lots of seafood. It is no exception on St Vincent and Grenadines. You will have the pleasure of tasting all kinds of wonderful dishes including an endless supply of fish, shrimp, mussels, lobster, and that is just the very beginning. There are also a variety of destinations for fine dining on the islands, whether at the resorts or at independently owned restaurants and eateries.



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