St Vincent and the Grenadines Wedding

A St Vincent and the Grenadines wedding may be more within reach than you originally imagined. This island nation in the Caribbean offers fantastic beaches, beautiful reef-protected waters, and lush tropical, foliage, but the fact that is as of yet a largely undiscovered tourist destination makes for private and tranquil retreats. To get married in St Vincent would be a dream for many people, and there are wedding planners that can assist if you choose to go this route. You can simply opt for a St Vincent honeymoon, but it is hard to imagine anything rivaling a ceremony on the white-sand beaches facing the shimmering waters of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. St Vincent and other islands in the Grenadines like Bequia and Canouan are wonderfully romantic places to celebrate one of the biggest days in your life. People planning honeymoons to this part of the Caribbean can also anticipate a magical experience.

If you begin to seriously consider a St Vincent and the Grenadines wedding, you will want to be sure to have your bases covered on a number of fronts. First, as it relates to applications and documents, both individuals must provide a valid passport, an ongoing plane ticket, official birth certificates, and a notarized decree if one person or both people have been divorced in the past. Second, it is required that you reside on St Vincent and the Grenadines for one full day (not including the day of your arrival) before applying for a marriage license. You get the marriage license from the office of the Solicitor General in St Vincent. The offices are only open from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, so you will want to factor this in as well. You also need to nominate two witnesses for your service and the ceremony must be performed by a licensed practitioner.

You will also have to remit a $185 fee (fees are subject to change over time) to obtain the wedding license. It must be obtained at least 24 hours in advance of the wedding from the Ministry of Justice, located in Kingstown on the island of St Vincent. If you have any further questions about the formalities and legalities of a St Vincent and the Grenadines wedding, you can directly contact the Attorney General or the Ministry of Justice in Kingstown. Once you have all of the formalities dealt with, you can get on with the exciting aspect of actually planning to get married in St Vincent. Planning a St Vincent honeymoon is even more exciting, especially once you realize the world of options that will be opened up to you when it comes to activities, both leisure and recreational, on the various islands. Honeymooners can enjoy private villas or cottages on remote stretches of the beach in Canouan, Mustique, and Bequia, to name a few of the alluring tropical islands. Walks on the beach under the cover of the moon and spectacular sunsets provide the ideal backdrop from honeymoon. Enjoy gourmet Caribbean dining, spa treatments, seemingly endless white sand beaches, and most importantly, time together with the one you love.

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