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St Vincent travel can be enjoyed all year round thanks to a tropical climate that brings average high temperatures of around 78 degrees. The best time to travel to the Grenadines depends upon the person you are asking. There are exciting events, festivals, and things to do going on throughout the year and the weather allows for activities like diving and snorkeling, fishing, and boating any time. St Vincent tourism has increased in popularity in recent years and the island chain in the Lower Antilles is now experiencing a relative boom of resort and hotel construction. One of the main appeals of this Caribbean destination, however, is that it is still largely untouched and the accommodations and restaurants blend tastefully with the landscape. The busiest season and the time when accommodations tend to be the most pricy is the winter season for people in the United States and Canada. As compared to some other tropical destinations, the summer is not necessarily the peak tourist time here.

Music lovers may consider planning their St Vincent travel in the winter months. Specifically, the end of January and beginning of February greet both the Bequia and Mustique Blues festivals. You can enjoy jazz, blues, calypso, steel pan, and all kinds of dancing, food, and drinking. Even though you will not get the temperatures in the high 80s and low 90s that you have in the summer months, average low temperatures hardly ever drop below a very comfortable range in the 60s. You can still enjoy all of the water sports and activities with warm sunny days and the events calendar is especially alluring.

Spring and summer are considered by many to be the best time to travel to the Grenadines. If you are averse to any kind of precipitation on your vacation, you may consider booking your trip before the rainy season begins in July. July and August are the two wettest months respectively in St Vincent and Grenadines and the rainy season generally lasts through December. This is not to say that it is always raining during these times. Rather, you can expect bursts of showers, and sometimes tropical storms that are normally followed by sunshine. Even though the rainy season starts in July, St Vincent tourism is still very popular in the summer months. The temperatures are hot and the time is ripe for sunbathing on the many gorgeous beaches around the island chain like those on Mustique, Bequia, and Canouan. Summer also sees fun festivals like the Vincy Mas Carnival, St Vincent and Grenadines take on the Carnival festival that normally takes place in February in most countries.

The fall and the beginning of winter are also enchanted times for St Vincent travel. The Christmas celebration, properly known as the Nine Mornings Festival, begins on December 16 and is a wonderful time to be in this part of the Caribbean. The islands are lit up to celebrate the coming of Christmas and New Year and for the duration of the Nine Mornings Festival, there are street festivals, parades, and much dancing, singing, music playing, and of course, eating and drinking.

The best time to travel to the Grenadines will largely depend upon what you are specifically interested in doing. Take a look at what events and festivals are happening and take into account the weather as you make your final plans. Whatever you decide, you are sure to enjoy warm weather and a stunning island paradise.

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