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Trinidad and Tobago
Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago can be summed up easily: two different islands, two different experiences. If you haven’t yet thought of coming here, then it’s high time you planned a trip. Found in the southernmost realms of the Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago is a vibrant island nation that is as culturally diverse as it is naturally beautiful. First inhabited by Amerindians, Trinidad and Tobago has been contested throughout recent centuries by the Spanish, the English, the Dutch, the Courlanders, and the French, so it has seen its fair share of calamity. Today, descendants of European settlers, African slaves, and indentured laborers from abroad make up the different cultures of the country. The locals here are proud of their island nation, and for good reason. It’s a melting pot, that’s for sure, and the cultural richness only serves to enhance Trinidad and Tobago tourism. Vacations to Trinidad and Tobago are more popular than ever, as travelers around the world are really starting to take notice of all that this dynamic country has to offer.

Trinidad is the larger of the two main islands of Trinidad and Tobago, and it is where you will find the country’s capital. Port of Spain rests on the island’s northwest coast, and it is both vibrant and thriving. For those who are interested in enjoying some nightlife during vacations to Trinidad and Tobago, Port of Spain is the best bet. In addition to the bars and clubs in Port of Spain, you will also find a variety of shops and restaurants, so keeping busy in the capital isn’t much of an issue. Since Trinidad is only about the size of the state of Delaware, it is not too large to fully explore during your visit. The Northern Range mountains in the northern part of the country deserve attention from nature-lovers, and wedged between the Northern Range and the open sea are some of the island’s best beaches. Beaches like those found at Maracas Bay and Blanchisseuse are undeniably beautiful, and when you’re not enjoying the sun and sand, you can access hiking trails close to them. A hike along the trail at Blanchisseuse will eventually get you to the Paria Falls. One of the most renowned waterfalls in Trinidad and Tobago, the Paria Falls are something to behold.

The western coast of Trinidad fronts the Gulf of Paria, which is a top destination for sportfishing. No more than 6.75 miles separate western Trinidad from the South American country of Venezuela, and at one time, the two land masses were connected. The diverse flora and fauna of Trinidad is just one of the things to enjoy when it comes to Trinidad and Tobago tourism. Heading further south in Trinidad, the land is open and largely uninhabited. Central and southern Trinidad are the best places in the country to look for mud volcanoes, which is fast becoming a Trinidad and Tobago tourism favorite. Head further east, and a rustic coast awaits you. The northern and western parts of Trinidad see the most tourists. Among the larger northern and western cities in Trinidad are Port of Spain, Chaguanas, San Fernando, and Arima. These places are where you will likely spend most of your time in Trinidad before you return home or make a break for Tobago.

Whereas Trinidad is roughly the size of Delaware, the tiny island of Tobago is under 30 miles long and just 7.5 miles wide at its broadest. When it comes to Trinidad and Tobago tourism, Tobago might be small, but it is the preferred destination. That is unless you consider Trinidad’s Carnival celebrations. Sleepy is the word that is most often used to describe Tobago, and like Trinidad, it is a culturally-diverse place. While Trinidad was founded by the Spanish in the late 1500s, Tobago wasn’t settled until 1642. The British were the first to set up camp in Tobago, and they would eventually have to fight for the precious piece of land. Fort King George, which overlooks the island’s capital city of Scarborough, was built by the British in the eighteenth century. Though it lies mostly in ruins, it is the frontrunner when it comes to historical attractions in Trinidad and Tobago. The best beaches in the country can be also be found in Tobago, and they are top attractions as well. One trip to Pigeon Point Beach will be enough to make you realize why tourism is the island’s featured industry.

Vacations to Trinidad and Tobago are becoming more popular than ever, and for good reason. Trinidad, which never saw a need to depend on tourism thanks to oil and petrochemicals, is now embracing the industry. Together with Tobago, it is one of the hottest vacation spots in the Caribbean today. Since declaring its independence from Great Britain in 1962, Trinidad and Tobago has been doing quite well for itself. Sure, it’s easy to notice British influences around the islands, but Trinidad and Tobago is its own country now, and it’s always looking to move forward. English is still the main language, which is music to the ears of English-speaking travelers, yet the culture here is decidedly mixed, which is a testament to the country’s storied past. To fully understand Trinidad and Tobago, you have to spend some time liming here. Liming, which translates to hanging out and socializing, is a word that basically characterizes life in Trinidad and Tobago. It’s all about relaxing, hanging out, and enjoying a good time when it comes to vacations in Trinidad and Tobago, so plan your trip today and treat yourself to a grand old time.

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