The village of Blanchisseuse and its attractive beach can be found on the North Coast of Trinidad, with the closest major city being Arima. Much like the beach at Maracas Bay, the beach at Blanchisseuse is backed by the rainforest-covered mountains of the Northern Range, which helps to make for a dramatic setting. Unlike the beach at Maracas Bay, however, the beach at Blanchisseuse does not boast lifeguards or much in the way of facilities or amenities. Because it is located in the central region of the north coast, Blanchisseuse does not see as many visitors as Maracas Bay, which helps to make it a great choice for those seeking relatively secluded Trinidad beaches.

Surfers might like taking to the sea in Blanchisseuse more than swimmers, as strong rip currents and breakers are often something to contend with. The beach at Blanchisseuse is just under a mile long, and if you are looking to do some swimming while visiting it, the best spot to do so is where the Marianne River enters the Caribbean Sea. Spanning the Marianne River is a small suspension bridge, which is something of a curiosity. It’s almost like a miniature version of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, and just on the other side of it is a hiking trail that leads to the village of Matelot. Though there is a modest Blanchisseuse beach resort where visitors can stay, you might entertain the idea of camping near the Marianne River. A private land owner here allows camping on his land for a reasonable fee, and interestingly enough, there are other places to camp in the general area, which is good news to campers around the world.

As mentioned, those looking to stay a night or more in Blanchisseuse can stay at the Blanchisseuse beach resort. Known as the Laguna Mar Resort, this singular Blanchisseuse beach resort offers simple accommodations that aim to fit accordingly into the surrounding natural habitat. The two main guest lodges here have six bedrooms each, and there is also a self-catering cottage unit that has four bedrooms. The Laguna Mar Beach Resort has a small restaurant where guests and non-guests can enjoy plenty of seafood and locally-inspired cuisine. The restaurant is open daily. You might also look to the Arima hotels when looking to stay somewhere close to Blanchisseuse, and there are guest houses and vacation rentals in the area as well.

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