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When it comes to the Charlotteville hotels, you won’t find anything resembling a resort or a traditional hotel. Instead, this sleepy, yet alluring fishing village offers little more than guest houses and self-contained apartment-style rentals. These kinds of cheap lodging options in Charlotteville might be devoid of some of the amenities that Tobago’s resorts and more upscale hotels offer, but that’s just fine by most visitors. Some would say that a visit to Tobago wouldn’t be complete without time spent in Charlotteville, and even if you’re staying closer to Scarborough, it’s worth renting a car or hopping on a bus to check this place out. Here are some recommendations for Charlotteville hotels to help you find a good place a stay.

Though the Charlotteville hotels aren’t your typical hotels, they often offer enough in the way of amenities and service to cover most peoples’ needs. Really, the Charlotteville hotels are really part vacation rentals in a way. Such is the case at Cholson Chalets, which is a favorite with visitors to this delightful village. You can find the three buildings of this accommodation in Charlotteville fronting the small beach that overlooks the picturesque Man Of War Bay. As such, ocean views are in good supply, and while the guest units are relatively simple, they are nonetheless charming and comfortable. If you can get one of the upstairs units at Cholson Chalets, it’s recommended that you do so, though they do cost the more. The separate cottage unit is worth splurging for as well, as it affords a bit more privacy. Plenty of windows take advantage of the sea views in the guest units here, and while none of them have air-conditioning, they are equipped with powerful ceiling fans and are kept cool by ocean breezes. Polished wood floors and period furnishings help to add to the appeal of the guest units, and each features cable TV if you even want to stop gazing out to the bay. There are some restaurants along the bay within walking distance, and the neighboring bar is a good place to grab some drinks, especially at sunset. Since word is getting out about this accommodation in Charlotteville, you’ll want to book ahead if possible, especially for one of the superior, multi-bedroom units.

Just up on a hillside overlooking the Man Of War Bay are the Top River Pearl Apartments, which because of their low rates, are also a top choice for cheap lodging in Charlotteville. All of the five apartment-style units here have a kitchenette, and while four of the units are one-bedroom affairs, there is a two-bedroom apartment available for those looking for added space. Much like the Cholson Chalets, the apartment rentals at Top River are simple in design and lacking in an abundance of amenities. They do have ample windows, a private balcony or patio, ceiling fans, private bathrooms with hot and cold water showers, and mosquito nets. Air-conditioning can be added for a small additional fee. During the high season, which lasts roughly from November 15 to April 15, the Top River Pearl Apartments Hotel runs a café that serves up a mean cappuccino. Light meals, snacks, and other drink options can also be enjoyed at the café. During the low season, the café is open on request only, and you’ll have to make a special request for dinner regardless of the month. You’re just a short walk from Pirates Bay when staying at this recommendation for top Charlotteville hotels, and not only is the small beach at Pirates Bay tempting, but so is the snorkeling.

Cheap lodging in Charlotteville reigns supreme, which is good news to those traveling to Trinidad and Tobago on a budget. The Man-O-War Cottages are just another discount accommodation in Charlotteville that you will want to consider. Set on lovely beachfront grounds that are immersed in a natural setting, this is a great place to get away from it all. There are ten different cottage units to choose from, and they range from one to four-bedroom abodes. All are well-furnished, and while rustic and simple, they are full of character. The amenities are not plentiful, which is another theme when it comes to Charlotteville hotels, but you will have a fridge, a coffee maker, a private balcony or terrace, and a bathroom with a shower. Cooking and maid services can be hired for a fee, and the staff will be more than happy to hook you up with scuba diving, hiking, and fishing excursions if you are interested. If you like nature and a peaceful setting and can handle less than luxurious quarters, the Man-O-War Bay Cottages are the accommodation in Charlotteville for you.

Since cheap lodging in Charlotteville is pretty much all that you will find, you’ll likely have some money left over to organize, fishing, sailing, hiking, and diving trips on the side during your visit, which is nice. Because the Charlotteville hotels are in such low supply, you might look to the nearby village of Speyside when heading to this end of Tobago. Speyside is just a five-minute drive from Charlotteville, and just fifteen minutes by boat, so you can easily travel between the two villages. Among the recommended places to stay in Speyside are the Blue Waters Inn, which offers 38 well-equipped rooms at a good price, and the Manta Lodge, which rests at the doorway to a rainforest and is also close to a beach and some of the island’s most popular dive spots.

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