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Unspoiled reefs, underwater canyons, and sunken shipwrecks await those who add scuba diving to their Trinidad and Tobago itinerary. You can also explore underwater caves and gaze at an impressive amount of marine life when delving below the sea’s surface in Trinidad and Tobago. Among the creatures that you can expect to see when diving here are turtles, barracudas, manta rays, and too many fish to count. The chance to see the world’s largest brain coral will tempt some into the water, and if you’re lucky, you will also get to swim with some dolphins. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced diver, Trinidad and Tobago diving promises a rich and rewarding experience.

Tobago is the place to be if you want to do some diving during your Trinidad and Tobago vacation. When looking to go scuba diving in Tobago, you can arrange excursions at most of the resort hotels that are found on the island’s southwest coast. You can also head north to villages like Plymouth, Charlotteville, and Speyside to find dive operators. There aren’t a ton of dive shops on the island, but since it is so small, you will have no problem finding one. Beginning divers can take certification classes that can be tailored to fit their needs, so even if you’ve never gone diving in you life, you can enjoy Tobago diving during a visit. After completing classroom sessions, beginning divers will learn the ropes in controlled atmospheres like swimming pools before heading out for open water dives. Advanced divers can take diving classes here as well to increase their skills or to work towards certain ranks within the internationally-recognized PADI system.

Warm water temps and excellent visibility are among the things that help to make Tobago diving so good, and if you are already a certified diver, you won’t have to pay too much money to enjoy it. One-tank dives are well-priced, though it’s understandable if you want to strap on another tank and extend your time underwater. Bringing your own scuba gear if you have it is advisable, though you can rent equipment if you are without. There are various different kinds of diving experiences that you can choose from once you ultimately get in the water. Among the choices that you will have when scuba diving in Tobago are drift diving, reef diving, and wreck diving.

Drift diving involves letting the current carry you along while you do little more than enjoy the ride. Passing over reefs while you drift dive is a particular treat, though if you want to explore the reefs further, you can opt to do some reef diving. The village of Speyside, which is found near Charlotteville, is one of the best places to reef dive in Tobago. The waters off of Speyside are where you will find the largest brain coral in the world, so many experienced divers head there at some point. Reef diving can also be enjoyed at the more quiet and shallow reefs that are found at beaches like Pigeon Point Beach and Pirate’s Bay. These beaches are also ideal for snorkelers, as well, so you won’t need a tank to explore their reefs. As for wreck diving, it is a relatively new form of scuba diving in Tobago. Recently, an old ferryboat was sunk off of the island’s southwest coast, and it is among the top sites to wreck dive. The Maverick ferry boat rests about 100 feet below the surface, so it’s better suited for experienced divers.

While those who are based on the larger island of Trinidad might find themselves wanting to do some Trinidad diving, they won’t have many options. To the near northwest of Port of Spain, the Chaguaramas peninsula is pretty much the only Trinidad diving area. You can see numerous whale sharks and manta rays when enjoying Trinidad diving, which helps to make it worth considering. You won’t find the almost crystal clear blue waters that you will find off of Tobago when you dive in Trinidad. This is largely due to the fact that Venezuela’s Orinoco River empties into the diving waters here. Manta rays and whale sharks alike are attracted to these nutrient and plankton-rich waters, which is why they abound here. As mentioned, Tobago diving can be enjoyed year round, while Trinidad diving is best enjoyed during the December to May dry season.

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