Englishman’s Bay

Englishman’s Bay doesn’t get a ton of visitors. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t one of the best beaches in Tobago, however. Many Tobago beach experts actually consider this lovely strip of sand to be among the island’s most beautiful, and thanks to its largely undeveloped nature, it can surely make for a great place to escape from it all.

Situated on the north coast of Tobago near Parlatuvier, Englishman’s Bay beckons with its crescent-shaped beach. A picturesque stretch of sand to say the least, this beach is capped by a pair of forested headlands and the sand begins right where the forest leaves off. It’s a truly spectacular setting, which only makes it that much more difficult to comprehend why Englishman’s Bay is often overlooked by tourists.

Thanks to the fact that the turquoise-blue waters at Englishman’s Bay Beach are usually quite calm, it generally makes for a fine swimming and snorkeling destination. This is also a great place to simply kick back and take it all in. The entire stretch of Englishman’s Bay Beach is backed by lush trees, the likes of which include coconut and almond palms, and hilly terrain adds to the overall depth of the backdrop. As for manmade installations, they come in the form of a small restaurant that specializes in local dishes, some craft stalls that are known for selling unique goods, and some rather simple restrooms. In other words, you find sprawling resorts or loud beach bars on the sand. This is a Caribbean beach that is better suited for relaxation rather than lively socializing.

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