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Fishing in Trinidad and Tobago is great for both novice anglers and seasoned veterans. From fly-fishing to deep-sea sport fishing, the opportunities to cast a line in Trinidad and Tobago are numerous, and better yet the sport can be enjoyed year round. There are seasonal tendencies that will determine the kind of fish that you are likely to catch, but as long as you are open to fishing a variety of species, you’ll be more than content any month of the year. As for the Caribbean, it doesn’t get any better than Trinidad and Tobago fishing, so pack your rod and reel if you are heading here, and see for yourself just how enjoyable the experience is.

While sportfishing is somewhat new here, there are a good amount of Trinidad and Tobago fishing charters that can get you out on the water for a few hours or for the better part of a day if you prefer. For those looking to do some fishing in Trinidad, the northwest peninsula of Chaguaramas is the place to head. Trinidad’s northwest coast is a Caribbean gem when it comes to fishing, so before or after exploring Port of Spain, you might head out for a deep-sea fishing cruise. Record catches pertaining to blue marlin have been recorded in the waters off of Trinidad’s west coast, and other fish that you can hope to snag when fishing here include kingfish, barracuda, wahoo, and mahimahi. Kingfish, Spanish mackeral, and African pompano are most abundant between the months of June and September, while dolphin fish and wahoo are best fished for from October to May. Regardless of the month, tuna, tarpon, and shark are abundant in the waters off of Trinidad’s northwest coast. While booking a charter boat trip is a good idea when fishing in Trinidad, you can also inquire with the local fisherman about heading out with them. Just go to one of the marinas in Chaguaramas and you should find a fisherman willing to take you out for a fishing trip. These fishermen generally charge much less than the charter companies.

In addition to fishing off the north coast in Trinidad, you can simply head to a nearby beach to cast your line. Pretty much any and every beach in Trinidad can be used for fishing, as is true in Tobago. Some of the beaches here, like Maracas Bay, even have small jetties where the fish usually bite. Further down the coast from Maracas Bay, Las Cuevas Bay is an ideal place for casual fishing as bait fish like to hang out there. For a bit of a different Trinidad fishing experience, you can head to the east coast where the Nariva River empties into the Manzanilla Bay or move down the west coast to where the Godineau River empties into the Gulf of Paria. These estuaries are excellent places to fish for salmon, tarpon, Jack Crevalle, grouper, and mullet. The island of Trinidad might not be as touristy as the smaller island of Tobago, but when it comes to Trinidad fishing, these islands still have much to offer.

After doing some Trinidad fishing, serious anglers will not want to return home without seeing what Tobago fishing is all about. If you like to sport fish, then Trinidad is an ideal place for you. Blue and white marlins, wahoo, swordfish, and mahimahi are in good supply off the coasts of Tobago. If it’s marlin fishing that you are specifically interested in, the best time to come is between February and April. Charter boat companies are spread out all over tiny Tobago, so whether you are staying near Scarborough or over in Charlotteville, you should have no problem arranging an outing. A few of the resort areas where Tobago fishing can be enjoyed include Crown Point, which is where the island’s airport is, Pigeon Point, which boasts the lovely Pigeon Point Beach, and Plymouth, which is generally considered as the island’s other town. Most of the Trinidad and Tobago fishing charters also offer a variety of pleasure cruises that can involve not only fishing, but also some snorkeling, some dolphin watching, or some general sightseeing, so you don’t necessarily have to be a fishing enthusiast to enjoy them.

While you can always bring your own equipment with you when looking to do some fishing in Trinidad and Tobago, most of the charter companies can hook you up with everything that you will need, so it’s not necessary to pack your equipment if you prefer not too. Should you book a Tobago or Trinidad fishing outing that also includes snorkeling or other activities, your equipment for that is also likely to be supplied by the charter company. Some of the charter companies will even offer to cater the trip, with beer and rum sometimes entering the picture. For those who are really planning to see what Trinidad and Tobago fishing is all about, looking for vacation packages that revolve around fishing is always a good idea. These kinds of vacation packages can sometimes also include your meals and accommodations, which helps to make them both convenient and practical.

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