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A diverse culture, idyllic beaches, and plenty more awaits you when you enjoy Trinidad and Tobago holidays. Found just off the coast of Venezuela in the southern reaches of the Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago is a small island nation that offers visitors a world to explore. Holidays in Trinidad and Tobago can involve eco-tourism pursuits, yachting on the high seas, dancing to the sounds of steel drums, or simply soaking up some sun. You can also enjoy shopping on the side, or perhaps book a deep-sea fishing excursion. There seems no end to the list of things to do on Trinidad and Tobago holidays, so book yours today and see why tourism here is increasing steadily.

The island of Trinidad is larger, more industrialized, and livelier than Tobago, and it’s where you will find the country’s capital city of Port of Spain. Tourism isn’t as big in Trinidad and it is in Tobago, and as such, there aren’t many hotels to choose from here. In fact, virtually all of the luxury hotels in Trinidad are found in Port of Spain. It also coincidentally happens to be the part of the island where you will find the best golf courses. Other major cities or towns in Trinidad include Arima, Chaguanas, and San Fernando. These cities are not as heavily trafficked by tourists as Port of Spain, but they certainly deserve a look as well. Not far from Arima, the Asa Wright Nature Reserve dazzles birdwatchers and outdoor enthusiasts, and near Chaguanas you can make a trip to see the inspirational Waterloo Temple. Another top birdwatching spot on the island of Trinidad can also easily be reached from Chaguanas, and it is the Caroni Bird Sanctuary. These are just some of the attractions that you can include when visiting Trinidad. One of the most significant events in this country is Carnival. The Carnival festivities in Trinidad are considered by many to be the best in the Caribbean.

As for Tobago, it is sleepy, rustic, and charming. It also has the best beaches in Trinidad and Tobago, which is why it is the more touristy of the islands. Those looking to scuba dive during their Trinidad and Tobago holidays will certainly want to make a break for Tobago, and there’s a few fine golf courses here as well. There isn’t much in the way of nightlife in Tobago, which is fine by most, and when it really comes down to it, it’s just a fantastic place to relax. Scarborough is the island’s capital, and it offers easy access to Tobago’s southern resorts. Some of these resorts offer all inclusive packages if you fancy going that route, or you can choose a more basic plan. The northern side of Tobago doesn’t see as many visitors as the southern side does, and in villages like Charlotteville and Speyside, you can really get away from it all.

Both the island of Trinidad and the island of Tobago have an international airport, so you can choose which one you would like to fly to when planning holidays to Trinidad and Tobago. The Piarco International Airport is found in Trinidad and is the country’s main airport. Port of Spain is just seventeen miles from the Piarco Airport, and the drive in should only take about 30 minutes. For those who want to go straight to Tobago, the Crown Point Airport will be your point of entry. The Crown Point Airport is just seven miles from Scarborough and close to the island’s main resorts. Flights between the two islands can be booked once you arrive, just in case you want to see both sides of the country during holidays in Trinidad and Tobago.

More often than not, your flight will account for a large part of your Trinidad and Tobago travel budget. As such, those seeking cheap holidays to Trinidad and Tobago can start by looking for cheap flights. Deals abound when it comes to travel these days, so don’t be afraid to look around. Checking around to see what various vacation packages have to offer is also a good idea. Sometimes, you can bundle your flight together with your accommodations, your transportation, and even some side activities. Vacation packages not only help to make planning your trip easier, but they also often save you money. Another good way to go about securing cheap holidays to Trinidad and Tobago is by visiting during the rainy season. Sure, it rains more during this season, as one might expect, but it doesn’t rain all the time. You will still be able to enjoy a delightful holiday, and you will also enjoy discounted off-season rates. If you are interested in cheap holidays to Trinidad and Tobago during the December to May high season, you can choose to stay in discount hotels in addition to looking for a discount flight. There are plenty of guest houses where you can stay around the islands, and while simple, family-run lodgings, they are more than comfortable if a long list of amenities isn’t the most important thing on your list.

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