Maracas Bay

Because Maracas Bay is just a 30-minute drive from Port of Spain, it is among the most popular places to relax for those who either reside in or are visiting the capital of Trinidad and Tobago. Found on the western side of Trinidad’s north coast, the beach at Maracas Bay is open daily to the public between the hours of 10 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., and while there aren’t many Maracas Bay hotels to choose from, staying near the beach is an option. Because the Maracas Bay hotels are so few, many people look to the area vacation rentals if they are planning more than just a day trip. Whatever your lodging goals are in Maracas Bay, spending time at the beach while in town is what most people come to do. Wide and inviting, the white sand beach at Maracas Bay is easily one of the best in Trinidad. Among the highlights of visiting Maracas Bay is the drive in. You’ll pass through a scenic rainforest and picturesque mountains before descending to the sea.

Among the top things to do at the beautiful Maracas Bay beach is soak up some sun. Fishing and swimming are also big with visitors, and the surfing is known to be pretty good from time to time. Fishing can be done off of the concrete jetty that is a ways down the beach, and you can rent a sort of kayak-like boat if you want to paddle around the ocean. There are food concession stands, snack and jewelry vendors, a beachfront restaurant, picnic tables, and changing facilities at the Maracas Bay beach. For those who are interested in booking a night or more at one of the Maracas Bay hotels, there is only one on the beach to choose from. The Maracas Bay Hotel offers 32 simple, yet comfortable rooms at a good price. While it lacks the amenities that some might prefer, its beachfront access is hard to find fault with. There are some beach house rentals available as well at Maracas Bay, and regardless if you stay the night or not, you won’t quickly forget the scenery. Wedged between the Northern Range and the Caribbean Sea, Maracas Bay is breathtaking. The rainforest that covers the mountains that back the beach is often accentuated with flamboyant flowers, which only helps to set a more dramatic stage.

Because Maracas Bay is so close to Port of Spain, you don’t have to spend the night at Maracas Bay to enjoy its beach. The Port of Spain hotels will have you within easy reach, especially if you rent a car, and day trips to the beach are fine for most. Maracas Bay is a great place to stay for a few nights if you have the time, however, and besides the views here, you’ll likely appreciate the soft sand and the warm Caribbean Sea waters that the beach affords. The mix of forest and sea air at Maracas Bay is intoxicating, the locals are friendly, and the whole experience is really not to be missed for those who visit Trinidad. Sure, the beaches on the island of Tobago are considered by many to be the best in the country, but if you can’t make it over to enjoy them, Maracas Bay will serve as a fine replacement.



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