Pigeon Point Beach

Pigeon Point Beach is the most popular beach on the island of Tobago, and according to many, it’s also the most beautiful. Blessed with soft, white sand and plenty of picturesque palm trees, Pigeon Point Beach is an idyllic Caribbean beach that offers just about anything that you could want or need. The calm, turquoise waters here are perfect for swimming and snorkeling, and on the far end of the beach, you can enjoy watersports like windsurfing and jet skiing. Swimming is best enjoyed near the beach’s iconic pier (wooden jetty), so you might enter the water there if you want to take a dip. At the end of the pier at Pigeon Point Beach is a thatched-roof hut, which has come to be a symbol of the relaxed way of life in Tobago. Book a stay at one of the Pigeon Point Beach hotels, and you’ll be able to enjoy this great stretch of sand as much as you want to.

There aren’t any Pigeon Point Beach hotels that back the stretch of sand here, but you will find shops, restaurants, and bars just steps away. The commercialization of Pigeon Point Beach hasn’t made everyone happy, but the beach itself is picturesque as ever, only now it offers more in the way of facilities and amenities. The Trinidad and Tobago government recently purchased the Pigeon Point Peninsula, which is found not far from the capital of Scarborough on the island’s southern end, and it has done well to make the once private Pigeon Point Beach a place for the public to enjoy. From time to time, the cruise ships that visit Tobago see the bulk of their guests heading for Pigeon Point Beach, so it can get quite crowded, but more often than not, the beach retains a fairly calm and quiet atmosphere.

Buccoo Reef, which is one of the top diving sites in Tobago and is a protected marine park, can be found between Pigeon Point and nearby Buccoo Point. In addition to snorkeling and diving, Buccoo Reef is a great place to enjoy glass-bottomed boat tours for those who are interested. You can also enjoy parts of Buccoo Reef while snorkeling or diving just off of Pigeon Point Beach. For those seeking Pigeon Point Beach hotels, the best choices are nearby resorts and hotels. As mentioned, there are no Pigeon Beach hotels that back the beach, but hotels like the Oceanpoint Apartment hotel and the LeGrand Courlan Spa Resort are close enough. The Scarborough hotels will have you within easy reach of Pigeon Point Beach as well, and since the island of Tobago is quite small, you can pretty much get to Pigeon Point Beach in no time at all regardless of where you’re staying. Renting a car to explore the island on your own is recommended.

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