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Steeped on hillsides that basically rise from the sea on the southeastern end of Tobago, Scarborough is a picturesque town that has a certain flare to it, and it makes for a good base when seeing all that Tobago has to offer. Scarborough Tobago might well have the perfect name, as a settlement that has been fought over this much should have the word “scar” in it. European settlers first laid down roots in Scarborough in 1654, and for centuries thereafter it was the English, the Dutch, and the French who mostly fought for control of the town. In 1769, the English made Scarborough the capital of Tobago, and it is still the small island’s capital to this day. It is also the main port on Tobago, and when cruise ships come to town, it’s not uncommon for onlookers to gather. Scarborough is a thriving town, but with only 17,000 residents, by no means is it a booming metropolis. You can easily get around town by foot, though it is quite hilly, so bring a good pair of walking shoes if you plan to be on your feet a lot.

Most visitors to Scarborough Tobago come to take a peak at Fort King George, which not only tops a hill overlooking town, but also tops the list of attractions in Scarborough Trinidad and Tobago. Fort King George was built in 1779, and its name honors then King of England, King George III. While the roofs of the main fort were blown off by strong winds in 1847, you can still view the ruins when heading up to Fort King George, and besides enjoying splendid views from the fort’s perch, you can also see what the Tobago Museum has on display. This small, but intriguing museum is part of the overall complex, and it is definitely worth a look. One of the other top attractions in Scarborough Trinidad and Tobago is the main market, which is found just opposite the harbor docks. Friday and Saturday are when the market is at its liveliest, though you can stop by it on other days as well to enjoy the atmosphere. In addition to crafts, fruits, and vegetables, you can find fast food establishments at the market, and the surrounding streets are home to the bulk of the town’s shops, so you can surely do some shopping when visiting Scarborough Tobago.

The aforementioned attractions in Scarborough Trinidad and Tobago are sure to satisfy at least a few hours of your time when in town, and for those who want to get away from the hilly streets and the traffic for a brief respite, the botanical gardens are also recommended. They are free and are open to the public during daylight hours. Stop at the nearby orchid house when visiting the gardens, and you’ll see many of Trinidad and Tobago’s native orchid varieties on display. To get outside of town, you can also book any number of Scarborough tours, many of which involve exploring all sides of the island. Since Tobago is just 28 miles long and 7.5 miles wide, it’s not hard to access all, or at least most of its prime assets when basing yourself in Scarborough.

Scuba diving and snorkeling are just some of the activities that can be enjoyed when booking Scarborough tours, and you can also head into the mountains to do some interior hiking. Tobago is home to the world’s oldest protected forest, and the trails that wind through it are ideal for trekking endeavors. Some of the top Scarborough tours involve a number of stops along the way and the sightseeing can last the better part of a day. These multiple-stop tours generally include a drive through Scarborough, a trip up to Fort King George, and trips to smaller villages, such as Charlotteville. You might even stop at an old sugar plantation house along the way, and you’ll surely be treated to spectacular views of the island’s mountains and beaches.

Many of the hotels in Scarborough can help you book tours during your stay, and since Tobago is more of a touristy island than is Trinidad, it won’t be hard to find tour operators if your hotel is without travel services. You can also venture out on your own to further explore Tobago during your stay in Scarborough. While it’s best to rent a car for getting around, there are buses that cross the island and you can try to hail a cab if you prefer to leave the driving up to someone else.

Scarborough Tobago


Steeped on hillsides that basically rise from the sea on the southeastern end...

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