The serenity, the unparalleled beauty, and the friendly people are just some of the reasons why Tobago vacations are so rewarding. Tobago is the smaller and sleepier island in Trinidad and Tobago, and it gently moves to the beat of its own rhythm. While Trinidad is larger, livelier, and more industrialized, tiny Tobago has managed to stay rustic, quiet, and largely unspoiled. Palm trees fringe the idyllic beaches of Tobago, and rolling rainforest-covered hills characterize the island’s interior. Tobago is under 30 miles long, and it is just 7.5 miles wide at its broadest point, so it’s pretty easy to see all of the main sights when you engage in Tobago travel. Perhaps you’ll rent a car and go exploring on your own. You’re bound to find the right beach for you on this savory little piece of real estate, and a day or two in one of the island’s smaller fishing villages is sure to ease both mind and soul.

The capital of Tobago is Scarborough, and it can be found on the island’s southeastern coast. The Crown Point International Airport is just 5 miles from Scarborough, so if you’re staying in one of the Scarborough hotels, you won’t have far to go. Also within easy reach of the airport are the southern resorts of Tobago. These resorts serve as the accommodations for numerous Tobago vacations, and since some offer all inclusive packages, you can go hassle-free if you want. Should the resorts not fit your Tobago travel wants and needs, there are other hotel options around the island. The hotels in Charlotteville, for example, are worth looking into if you are looking for something other than the resort experience. Either way, you’ll enjoy your time on the island, as there is plenty to see and do here. The attractions in Tobago have something for everyone. There are even a couple dynamic golf courses to choose from.

While many consider Scarborough to be of little interest, the picturesque capital town does boast one of the top overall attractions in Tobago. Fort King George overlooks the city from its perch on high, and because of its vantage point, it is renowned for its views. When you’re not exploring this eighteenth-century fort’s ruins, staring out over Scarborough and the Atlantic Ocean from the site’s hill is bound to steal your attention. On the Fort King George grounds, you will find another one of the top attractions in Tobago. Housed in the fort’s former guardhouse, the Tobago Museum is a great place to learn all about the history of the island. Among the museum’s exhibits are weapons, old maps and photographs, and pre-Columbian artifacts that were unearthed in the area. Hanging out at Fort King George is a must when it comes to Tobago vacations, but it’s understandable if the island’s beaches steal your attention away at the start of your trip.

Soft sand, turquoise-azure water, and swaying palm trees characterize most of the beaches in Tobago, and when it comes to Tobago activities, enjoying them tops the list. Pigeon Point Beach is the most renowned beach on the island, and while more touristy than some of Tobago’s secluded beaches, it’s worth a look. If Pigeon Point happens to be crowded, you can always head up the west coast and see what’s going on at the beach at Englishman’s Bay. Often deserted, this forest-backed beach is a great place to escape the crowds, as is the small beach at Pirate’s Bay. You can walk to Pirate’s Bay from the undeniably charming village of Charlotteville, and what awaits you there is beach and a calm bay where the snorkeling is out of this world. There are plenty of great spots for shallow-water snorkeling in Tobago, and for those who are up for a more immersed experience, there’s always scuba diving. If you are interested in scuba diving, Tobago travel is definitely for you. Exploring reefs, seeing an abundance of marine creatures, and delving into underwater caves are just some of the thrills that are associated with scuba diving in Tobago. Off the coast of the village of Speyside, divers can see the largest brain coral in the world, which is a real treat.

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