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If you have the time and money to spare during your visit, including one or more Trinidad and Tobago tours on the agenda is always a good idea. A fantastic eco-tourism destination, Trinidad and Tobago is ripe for those looking to do some hiking and rainforest sightseeing, and there are also plenty of coastal views worth taking in. Many tours in Trinidad and Tobago highlight the country’s natural attractions, while others focus on or at least include some city sightseeing as well. Perhaps you’ll be happy doing your sightseeing from a cruise ship. Cruise ship tours in Trinidad and Tobago are available too, so it’s just one more thing to consider. Adding a tour or a few tours to your Trinidad and Tobago vacation will only add depth to your trip, and you’ll likely find that the tours that you enjoy here will only make for some great travel memories. There are Trinidad and Tobago tours to fit the wants and needs of just about anybody, whether you like shopping or dabbing in cultural affairs, so you’re bound to find one that fits your bill.

Trinidad and Tobago sightseeing is the focus of many tours in the country, and on both the island of Trinidad and the island of Tobago, sightseeing tours are easy to book in the capital cities. Should you find yourself in Port of Spain, which is the overall Trinidad and Tobago capital, you can choose to enjoy a sightseeing tour that just includes the city, or you can opt for one that also includes nearby points of interest. Should you go with just a city tour, you will be driven around town to see the city’s main sights, which is also true if you book a simple sightseeing tour in Scarborough. In Port of Spain, the Brian Lara Promenade, also known as Independence Square, will be among the highlights, while in Scarborough, Fort King George will certainly figure into the mix. Should you want to enjoy an extended Trinidad and Tobago sightseeing tour, you can pay more and dedicate a bit more time to the overall pursuit. In Trinidad, you might head off to nearby Maracas Bay after seeing Port of Spain, and in Tobago, your sightseeing trip might take you to the other side of the island to visit Charlotteville after you explore Scarborough.

The naturalist tours in Trinidad and Tobago are fast becoming the most popular tours in the country, as many visitors look to enjoy the country’s splendid outdoors. The naturalist tours can involve birdwatching, hiking, or scuba diving, and you might even look for one that includes all three. While enjoying hiking tours in Trinidad and Tobago, you will likely visit one of the country’s refreshing and picturesque waterfalls, or perhaps make a trek to see one of Trinidad’s bizarre mud volcanoes. Both Trinidad and the smaller island of Tobago are fairly mountainous, so hiking tours can be pretty wild and extreme, especially when you consider the fact that rainforests cover most of the mountains here. As for top spots for birdwatching tours, the Asa Wright Nature Reserve near Arima and Little Tobago Island are among the featured destinations. Another top birding destination in the country is the Caroni Swamp Reserve, which can be found closer to the Trinidad cities of Chaguanas and San Fernando. Even if you don’t consider yourself a birdwatcher, visiting these top birding destinations is an utter delight.

The Trinidad and Tobago sightseeing opportunities are too numerous to adequately cover here, so suffice it to say that you will have plenty to explore when arranging sightseeing tours. Some tours, in addition to highlighting major sites, will also feature cultural presentations, such as a Calypso singer, or a steel drum band performance, which is a real treat. Trinidad is where the steel drum was invented, and it’s also where Calypso originated. Calypso is a type of music that African slaves and medieval French troubadours are credited with inventing. Catching these kinds of performances can only add substance and authenticity to your Trinidad and Tobago getaway. The sky is the limit it seems when it comes to the choices for Trinidad and Tobago tours, and no visitor to this stunning and largely unspoilt country should neglect the opportunity to enjoy at least one of them.

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