Trinidad and Tobago Transportation

Once you arrive on either a flight or a cruise to Trinidad and Tobago, you will then have to figure out how you are going to get around. There are a few main options for transportation in Trinidad and Tobago, and because the country is so small, getting around to all the destinations on your list is usually quite easy. While there are good roads in Trinidad and Tobago, the traffic here is often something to contend with, and it can turn a short trip into a long one. This is especially true during the morning and afternoon rush hours in the country’s larger cities and towns. Renting a car is a popular choice for many tourists in Trinidad and Tobago, though be advised that you should get a 4x4 vehicle of some kind if you visit during the June to November rainy season or if you plan to head off of the beaten track.

Because the island of Trinidad is such a larger exporter of asphalt, its main roads are mostly quite pleasant. This is not often the case when it comes to the island’s back roads, however, especially during the rainy season. For those who are interested in Trinidad car rentals, it is important to note that people drive on the lefthand side of the road here, which is also true in Tobago. While that will be perfectly suitable for UK travelers, those coming from countries where driving on the right side is the norm will have something extra to consider. You can book Trinidad car rentals before you arrive, and often times they are included in the more extensive vacation packages. If you don’t have a rental car lined up ahead of time, however, you can rent a car rather easily in Port of Spain. The Piarco International Airport is another good place to secure Trinidad car rentals, and there are offices in other main towns as well. Since U.S. rental car agencies are in thin supply in Trinidad, you will have to go with a local company. They are easy enough to find in the phone book once you get here.

As for the Tobago car rentals, they are certainly worth looking into, as the island’s main attractions are fairly well spread out. Working to your advantage, however, is the fact that the island is very small. The Crown Point Airport is one of the best places to find Tobago car rentals, and you can also book a rental car at some of the resorts, like the Grafton Beach Resort and the Rex Turtle Beach Hotel. For those who are staying at one of the resorts in southern Tobago, renting a car will not be as necessary as it might be for someone staying farther away, say in Charlotteville for example. Unless touring about the island is part of the plan for resort-goers, a simple taxi ride to the hotel is a good way to go. You can also book sightseeing tours by taxi if you prefer to leave the driving up to somebody else. This is also true on the island of Trinidad, though beware that taxis throughout the country are unmetered. Be sure to agree on rates before you get in the taxi, and if you prefer, you can usually have your hotel hire a taxi for you. Choose the Tobago car rentals over the taxis, and you’ll simply have more freedom to go as you please, which is a great thing.

While taxis and rental cars are two of the main forms of transportation in Trinidad and Tobago, there are also the country’s buses to think about. In Trinidad, regular bus service links the island’s towns together, and it is pretty reliable. Some of the buses are older, however, and some may be overcrowded, so it’s not always the most pleasant way to travel. It is the cheapest, however, so those on a tight budget will surely appreciate the bus options. As for the buses in Tobago, they basically travel from end to end, often making unscheduled stops to let passengers off. While cheap, the buses in Tobago can be slow at times, so if you are limited on time, renting a car or hailing a cab might be a better idea. As a side note, you will likely ride in a few maxi taxis if buses are your main form of transportation in Trinidad and Tobago. Maxi taxis are basically small buses, and they are usually used for shorter routes. The color of the stripe on a maxi taxi is indicative of its destination, so it’s good to pay attention to that detail if you plan to use them.

While rental cars, taxis, and maxi taxis are the main means of transportation on both the island of Trinidad and the island of Tobago, those looking to travel between the two islands will have to fly or take a ferry. There is a ferry that makes scheduled runs between Port of Spain and Scarborough, though it is quite a long, six-hour trip. For those who would prefer to travel between the islands more rapidly, inter-island flights are available as well.


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Trinidad and Tobago Transportation


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