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Tourists have only scratched the surface of Trinidad and Tobago. Outside of the festivities of Carnival, most visitors to Trinidad are on business trips. Tobago is a bit more tourism driven, enticing nature junkies and budget travelers year round, but not in numbers that could be considered staggering. All-inclusive resorts number into the hundreds on some of the Caribbean islands – here there is exactly one. Thus, Trinidad and Tobago hotels are mostly mid-size and utilitarian. The business people and travelers on the cheap do not need much in the way of spacious resorts.

Hotels in Trinidad are still of the highest standard, you just won't see a lot of them outside the commercial areas of the island's capital of Port of Spain. As long as it's not Carnival, you are unlikely to have a hard time find a place to stay, even at the last minute. The low frequency of visitors means that even the Trinidad resorts situated to the east and south of the capital are a better value than resorts on most any other island. The same can be said for hotels in Trinidad. Five star Trinidad resorts such as the Mount Plaisir Estate Hotel become suddenly affordable, while quality hotels – even in Port of Spain – will be significantly kinder to you wallet than you'd expect from an island in the Caribbean.

Hotels in Tobago are a little different. As the island is more concerned with bringing in nature lovers, there are a number of eco-friendly Tobago hotels. But, unlike hotels in Trinidad, there are many different types of lodgings available. Anywhere from posh resorts to the cheapest hotels in the region, Tobago can conform to any budget. This is one of the many reasons tourists go out of their way to visit this southerly island. Tiny Tobago hotels offer intimate looks at island lifestyle amongst the rain forests. Immensely popular with those wishing to explore the imposing peaks and biologically complex interior of the island instead of the beaches can find cheap lodging most anywhere.

The southwestern coast is the closest thing to bustling that the island gets, and here you'll find many of the higher class resorts and hotels in Tobago. From plantation-style to luxury 1940s style, you can find most anything within a mile of the airport safely entrenched in the corner of Tobago. Regardless, you'll never notice the island hoppers and larger jets, even if you stay in Crown Point, right next to the airport. In fact, the closest lodging is probably the Coco Reef resort. One of the most popular resorts on Tobago, it has eye-catching pink walls and the only private beach on the island.

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