Trinidad and Tobago Vacation Rentals

The Trinidad and Tobago vacation rentals can serve the needs of most anyone who is looking to forego the standard hotel experience. Vacation rentals in Trinidad and Tobago are on the rise as tourism continues to increase, and you can find them at all the right hot spots. As is the case with the Trinidad and Tobago villas, which are the main form of vacation rentals in the country, the bulk of the choices are to be found on the smaller and more touristy island of Tobago. As for Trinidad, the choices are not as prevalent, but there are some good options that certainly deserve some attention. Added space and increased privacy are usually two of things that attract visitors to the Trinidad and Tobago vacation rentals, so be sure to look into them before you dedicate yourself to a hotel or resort.

As mentioned, the bulk of the vacation rentals in Trinidad and Tobago are found in Tobago. Among the best places to find Tobago vacation rentals is on the southern and western coasts near the Crown Point Airport and the capital of Scarborough. Pigeon Point and Mt. Irvine are just two areas where you can find a number vacation properties in Tobago, but since they are pretty well scattered about the island, you can look elsewhere as well. While most of the Tobago vacation rentals are villas, you can also opt for a cottage studio at Black Rock if you prefer to go that route. While staying near Scarborough has its advantages, you might also look for Tobago vacation rentals that have you on the other side of the island and closer to Charlotteville. Though harder to get to than Scarborough, Charlotteville is well worth a look.

As for the island of Trinidad, villas and apartments will be your main options when it comes to finding a vacation rental. Villas are essentially home rentals, and the majority of them offer more than one bedroom. The vacation home rentals in Trinidad are mostly found in or near Port of Spain, which is also true when it comes to the bulk of the hotels in Trinidad. Simply put, tourism is not an industry that Trinidad depends on. Instead, the country’s larger island seems to cater more to businesspeople. That’s not to say that Trinidad has little to offer tourists. It’s just that more vacationers prefer to base themselves on the island of Tobago, which is more rustic and relaxed. Unless you are in Port of Spain for business or sightseeing, heading to nearby Maracas Bay to find a vacation rental is a good idea. Other spots along Trinidad’s north coast, such as Blanchisseuse, also offer vacation rentals, and while many will tell you that the beaches of Tobago best those on the island of Trinidad, you might have reason to argue after visiting Maracas Bay or Blanchisseuse.

Whether you are staying in an apartment or renting a home or cottage, there are a list of amenities that you will likely enjoy when it comes to the vacation rentals in Trinidad and Tobago. A full kitchen or kitchenette is pretty much standard, as is air-conditioning, fresh linens, cable TV, and internet access. It’s not uncommon for a vacation rental in this beautiful Caribbean nation to also boast a private pool, a deck or yard, a garden, a barbecue grill, and entertainment options such as a DVD library, books, board games, and so on. If you don’t feel like cooking in your full kitchen or kitchenette, most of the apartment and vacation home rentals in Trinidad and Tobago have you within walking or driving distance of a restaurant or restaurants. It’s generally a good idea to rent a car if you are booking a vacation rental, as it will only add more convenience to an already convenient situation. If renting a car isn’t part of the picture, you can always opt for a vacation rental that is within walking distance of public transportation, shops, and restaurants.

Should you be planning a Trinidad and Tobago wedding, are in the country for business, or are simply enjoying a vacation, the vacation rentals in Trinidad and Tobago will most likely fit your needs. Whether you choose one of the apartment or vacation home rentals in Trinidad or opt instead for the rentals on the sleepier island of Tobago, you will find that more often than not, the rates are comparable to what you would otherwise pay for a hotel room. That fact alone is enough to convince scores of tourists to forego the hotel experience. That being said, some of the apartment and vacation home rentals in Trinidad and Tobago are pretty luxurious, and thus more expensive. However, even if you book one of the more expensive options, you will still likely be paying about the same that you would at one of the Trinidad and Tobago luxury hotels. So set some time aside when planning your Trinidad and Tobago holiday, and see for yourself just how much the Trinidad and Tobago vacation rentals have to offer. Chances are you’ll be glad you did.

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