Villa Rentals in Trinidad and Tobago

When you are looking for that home away from home experience in the Caribbean, the villa rentals in Trinidad and Tobago have you covered. Added space, increased privacy, and the convenience of a full kitchen are just some of the perks that are involved when you choose villa rentals in Trinidad and Tobago, and more often than not, the rates are comparable to those that you would pay at a hotel. The Trinidad and Tobago beach villas are without question the most sought after villas in the country, which is easy to understand, as the beaches here offer soft sand, turquoise water, and plenty of recreational opportunities. You might also consider the Trinidad and Tobago resorts as well if you are looking to stay near a beach, as they tend to offer a full range of facilities and amenities.

For small groups of friends and for families, it’s hard to match the experience that comes with booking one of the villa rentals in Trinidad and Tobago. For starters, the bulk of the villas here offer multiple bedrooms, so they can typically accommodate a fair amount of people. Meals and snacks can be prepared in-house, which is ideal for picky eaters, and this can prove to be a considerable convenience when the kids are tired and you don’t feel like going out to eat. Of course, you do not have to be traveling in a group to enjoy the benefits of a villa rental, and couples seeking privacy will do well to consider them. Those traveling on business will surely appreciate having plenty of space to work and to relax when staying in a villa, so they’re really ideal for just about anybody. The rates do range depending on which villa you rent, and as you would expect, the more expensive properties are larger, more luxurious, and well-located. All of the Trinidad and Tobago villas are essentially homes for rent, and common amenities shared by most of them include a full kitchen, multiple rooms, cable TV, laundry facilities, internet access, a telephone, air conditioning, and patio or deck space. It is also customary for villa rentals in Trinidad and Tobago to feature extras like a private pool, a barbecue grill, and a garden.

While the island of Trinidad is the larger of the country’s two main islands, it is less touristy. Most of Trinidad and Tobago’s business and governmental affairs are handled in the main cities and towns in Trinidad, while the much smaller island of Tobago is more of a sleepy vacation retreat. Many would argue that the beaches on the island of Tobago are the country’s finest, and it is in Tobago that you will find the bulk of the Trinidad and Tobago beach villas. The highest concentration of these Tobago villas can be found in the Pigeon Point area on the southern end of the island. The Pigeon Point Beach is just one reason why this area is such a prime vacation destination, and you’re none too far from the capital of Scarborough or the Crown Point airport either. Scuba diving at Buccoo Reef, visiting Fort King George, and playing some golf at a nearby course are just some of the things that you can do when staying at one of the Pigeon Point villas, and since the island is so small, you can really branch out if you have a little time to work with. Just up the west coast from Pigeon Point, Grafton Beach and Mt. Irvine offer some more Tobago villas to consider, or you might prefer heading to Englishman’s Bay, where the beach is most often deserted. There are Tobago villas spread along the island’s coastline, so you might even look closer to Charlotteville and the nearby village of Speyside. There’s plenty to choose from.

As for the villas in Trinidad, the choices are not as predominant. In the capital city of Port of Spain, there are villa rentals available, so you can pass on the Port of Spain hotels if you want a break from the hotel experience. The Port of Spain villas are found in the suburbs, mostly, and for those renting a car, they will likely feature parking. For those who are more interested in the Trinidad and Tobago beach villas, Maracas Bay is a good place to look. You can rent a villa with five bedrooms, Direct TV, and a DVD player close to the beach in Maracas Bay, and you’ll have your own pool to boot. Further down the coast in Blanchisseuse, you will find another one of Trinidad’s best beaches, not to mention more villa rentals. Again, since Trinidad isn’t as touristy as Tobago, finding villas there is more difficult, but there are some excellent choices so it’s never a bad idea to look. Whichever island you choose to stay on, your villa will have everything that you will need from fresh linens to entertainment options, and all you’ll really have to concern yourself with are meals and ideas for things to do.

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