Waterfall Tours in Trinidad

Waterfall tours in Trinidad are something that many tourists have in mind for their Trinidad and Tobago vacations, and it’s not hard to understand why. This island in the Caribbean is home to some pretty spectacular waterfalls, and being that the weather is usually hot, the pools that tend to collect at the bases of these waterfalls make for very tempting swimming holes.

Waterfall tours in Trinidad are relatively easy to arrange, especially in the Port of Spain area. Many Trinidad hotels can help guests arrange such tours if needed, and you can always opt to go it alone as long as you know where you’re doing. Since it takes a bit of hiking through rainforest terrain to get to the most renowned waterfalls in Trinidad, having a guide can be a good idea. If nothing else, a guide can help you avoid getting lost.

Many waterfall tours in Trinidad involve more than just hiking to a waterfall. Camping can also be added to the picture, and it is common for waterfall tours to include a visit to a beautiful beach. For example, tours that highlight the renowned Pariah Falls tend to include some beach time on Paria Bay. Wildlife viewing is also something that is likely to be enjoyed, as the rainforests are teeming with life.

Not all of the Trinidad and Tobago waterfalls are found on the island of Trinidad. As such, those who are spending time on the island of Tobago might also look to treat themselves to a guided waterfall excursion. The Argyle Waterfalls are the highest waterfalls on Tobago and are often highlighted on tours.

As a side note, Trinidad and Tobago vacation packages that include a waterfall tour are often made available by travel companies. These package deals are essentially all inclusive, in that meals, accommodations, guides, transportation, and a variety of other things are usually included in the price. Better yet, these rather complete tour packages tend to include a number of other fun experiences, such as a tour of Port of Spain, a visit to Chaguaramas National Park, or a Caroni Swamp boat trip. You might even come across a tour that combines such things as a waterfall visit with a Trinidad & Tobago Carnival experience. The options are numerous.

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