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As eco-tourism continues to grow in popularity in Trinidad and Tobago, the country’s plentiful waterfalls are starting to gain quite a lot of attention. There is nothing more refreshing than coming across one of the Trinidad and Tobago waterfalls during a rainforest hike. Since the weather in Trinidad and Tobago is hot year round, the rejuvenating powers of a freshwater waterfall are frequently sought after by both locals and tourists. And understandably so. Many of the waterfalls in Trinidad and Tobago empty into a natural pool where swimming can be enjoyed, so if you hear the rush of water close by in the forest, chances are good that you can enjoy a quick dip. You’ll have to do a bit of trekking to reach most of the more renowned Trinidad and Tobago waterfalls, such as the Rainbow Waterfalls, which only helps to make them more of an oasis once you finally arrive.

Paria Falls
Paria Falls

Of all the Trinidad and Tobago waterfalls, none are more renowned than the Paria Falls, which can be found on Trinidad’s north coast. It is on this north coast where you will also find some of the best beaches in Trinidad and Tobago, so in addition to seeking out some waterfalls, you can also relax on a sandy stretch when in the region. The Paria Falls are the ending point for the Paria River, which works its way down the rainforest-covered slopes of the Northern Range. Hikers looking for a good route in Trinidad will enjoy hiking along the Paria River, especially for the falls that await them. To get to the Paria Falls, head to the village of Blanchisseuse, which is where the North Coast Road ends. From Blanchisseuse, which coincidentally boasts a fantastic beach, you can access a dirt road after crossing over an old suspension bridge. This road eventually turns into a hiking trail that will take you to the Paria Falls. After about an hour or two of hiking, depending on your speed, you will reach the lovely beach at Paria Bay. It’s just a short walk from the beach to the waterfalls. At the base of the waterfalls at Paria is a large, deep, and clear pool that is ideal for swimming. It is partly because of this beautiful pool that Paria Falls deserves mention when discussing the waterfalls in Trinidad.

Sobo Falls
Sobo Falls, image:, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

The Paria Falls are near the town of Brasso Seco, and the area is home to at least a dozen more waterfalls that might also pique your interest. Among them are the Sobo Falls, which are just a short walk from Brasso Seco. The waterfall at Sobo Falls drops an impressive 65 feet. The water from the falls bounces off of rocks for the last 25 feet, causing a shower-like spray that is cool and exhilarating. Booking a guided tour to visit some of the waterfalls in Trinidad is a good idea if you don’t feel like trying to locate them on your own. The Turure Waterfalls are often featured on hiking tours, partly because there are three of them that follow one after the next. Each of the three waterfalls at Turure has its own base pool, and it’s delightful to watch the clear water cascade down the forest’s limestone cliffs while you swim. You can also find some waterfalls closer to Maracas Bay if you are basing yourself in Port of Spain and are limited by time.

Argyle Falls
Argyle Falls

It is often a good idea to hire a guide if you also want to find your way to some of the Tobago waterfalls. Because it often requires quite a bit of rainforest hiking to get to the majority of the top Trinidad and Tobago waterfalls, going it alone is not usually a good idea. Among the more renowned waterfalls in Tobago are the Argyle Waterfalls and the Rainbow Waterfalls. The Argyle Waterfalls are the tallest on this small island, and they tumble and cascade down a rocky course that stretches some 175 feet. The Argyle Waterfalls can be found near the village of Roxborough on the island’s east coast, and in addition to paying a fee to access them, you’ll also have to pay to hire a guide at the entrance off the Windward Road. The fees are light, and it helps to have a guide to tell you all about the ecology of the region as you make the hike to the falls. The hike lasts about fifteen to twenty minutes, and the deep pools at the base of the falls are a welcome reward. The Rainbow Falls can also be accessed from the Windward Road, and are owned by the Rainbow Nature Resort, which coincidentally offers ten rooms in its converted Cocoa House. You will have to pay a small fee to access the Rainbow Waterfalls, which can be reached after a twenty minute hike through the forest. Two other Tobago waterfalls that you might also consider visiting are the Castara Waterfall and the Parlatuvier Waterfall, both of which are found on the island’s west, or Leeward, coast.

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