Weddings in Trinidad and Tobago

Weddings in Trinidad and Tobago are ideal for anyone looking for an ideal tropical setting for their special ceremony. Full of exotic foliage and boasting miles of stunning beaches, Trinidad and Tobago is about as good as it gets when it comes to destination weddings in the Caribbean. Among the best things about getting married here is the fact that your honeymoon can start right away. No hopping on a plane after you say your vows to get to your honeymoon destination. While a Trinidad and Tobago beach wedding is the aim of most couples looking to tie the knot here, the country also boasts picturesque waterfalls, beautiful rainforests, and even the grounds of an eighteenth-century fort where you can have your ceremony, so the options are diverse. Perhaps you’ll prefer a cathedral or a mosque on the island of Trinidad. It’s up to you, so don’t be afraid to get creative when planning your Trinidad and Tobago wedding.

Ever since the Trinidad and Tobago government amended in the Marriage Act of 1996, tying the knot here has been easy. More often than not, you can get married in Trinidad and Tobago within 3 days of arriving, but you’ll need to first stop at a registrar’s office in either Port of Spain or Scarborough. This must be done at least 24 hours prior to your service so that you can pay the necessary fees and make your statutory declaration. Don’t forget to bring your passport, proof of residence, and your airline tickets with you to the registrar’s office, as these are required to make your declaration. Should you be divorced or a widower, you will need to bring documents of proof related to those classifications as well. Once you sort out the fees and paperwork, representatives at the registrar’s offices will fill you in on all that you need to know pertaining to your marriage license and certificate.

It is a good idea to inquire about your wedding wants and needs with the registrar’s office before arriving, or you can simply choose to get married at one of the Trinidad and Tobago resorts that has wedding planners who can take care of everything for you. Some of the resorts in Trinidad and Tobago are all inclusive resorts, and many couples prefer them because of their convenience. In addition to your accommodations, an all inclusive package at one of the resorts will generally also cover your meals, some drinks, entertainment, and some activities and excursions, so all you’ll have to worry about is relaxing.

The island of Tobago is where you will find the bulk of the Trinidad and Tobago resorts, and these resorts tend to offer some of the best Trinidad and Tobago wedding packages. Like general vacation packages, the Trinidad and Tobago wedding packages are ideal for those who do not want to stress over all the details. Most wedding packages in Trinidad and Tobago will feature the setting for your ceremony, wedding decorations, and your accommodations, and you can often choose from a list of extras to add, like a cake, a photographer, a limo ride, or a special dinner for two. For couples who would prefer staying in a villa as opposed to a resort hotel room, there are Trinidad and Tobago wedding packages that include villa accommodations, so you’ll want to see what different packages have to offer. Other vacation rentals such as apartments and cottages are worth looking into as well.

Among the best resorts for couples planning weddings in Trinidad and Tobago are the Coco Reef Resort & Spa Hotel, the Grafton Beach Resort, Le Grand Courlan Spa & Resort, and the VHL Tobago Golf & Spa Resort. These Tobago resorts are all easy to reach from the Crown Point Airport, and they also have you close to Tobago’s capital of Scarborough. As mentioned in the opening paragraph, getting married on the grounds of an eighteenth-century fort is just as possible as a Trinidad and Tobago beach wedding. Resting atop a hill above Scarborough, Fort King George presents an interesting backdrop for a marriage ceremony. As interesting as the fort is, however, it is the sweeping views of Scarborough and the Atlantic Ocean that encourage most couples to wed at Fort King George. Planning weddings in Trinidad and Tobago has never been easier, and whether you enjoy a Trinidad and Tobago beach wedding or hold your ceremony on the grounds of an old fort, in a church, or in a rainforest, the memories of your time in this beautiful and relaxed island nation are bound to last a lifetime.

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