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When deciding when to go on your vacation to Trinidad and Tobago, there are a few things that you will want to consider. For starters, the weather is usually of primary importance. You might also have your mind set on attending a specific festival or event, or enjoying a certain kind of activity. Of course, for some, deciding when to take Trinidad and Tobago trips might have any and everything to do with when they can get off of work. If you have the opportunity to plan your Trinidad and Tobago vacation for any time of the year, the following content covers some of the main things that will affect your decision.

Weather certainly plays a key role for many who are planning Trinidad and Tobago trips. December through May is the peak season for Trinidad and Tobago tourism, as it coincides with the country’s dry season. It also coincides with the cooler winter temperatures in the north, which means an increase in cold-weather travelers who are looking for some fun in the Caribbean sun. Because Trinidad and Tobago is found just off of the Venezuelan coast, its seasons coincide with those of South America. As such, January is the hottest month of the year, while July is the coolest. That’s not to say that it gets cold here. Average temperatures on both islands hover in the low 70s during the cooler months. During the warmer months, a daily high in the mid-to-upper 80s is to be expected. Trinidad and Tobago is located to the south of the Caribbean’s hurricane belt, which means that it is rare for hurricanes to land here in the late summer and early fall, so they are usually not something to worry about. While it does rain quite a bit during the rainy season, Trinidad and Tobago is still a divine place to visit come the more frequent downpours. You might be limited when looking to go hiking, perhaps, but there is usually enough sunshine to make for a pleasant time.

Enjoying the beaches in Trinidad and Tobago is best done during the peak season, partly because of the warmer temperatures. Along the coasts, ocean breezes tend to help cool things down a bit, so even if you are without air-conditioning in your hotel or vacation rental, you should be comfortable. Among the perks of Trinidad and Tobago tourism in the off-season are the discounted flight and hotel rates. October through December and April through June are often considered to be the shoulder seasons when it comes to Trinidad and Tobago, so they can be excellent months to find deals, not to mention avoid the crowds. If you don’t mind crowds, then planning a vacation to Trinidad and Tobago that centers around a major festival or event is something that you might want to do.

Carnival is the biggest festival in Trinidad and Tobago, and it certainly sees an influx in tourists. No other event on the Trinidad and Tobago tourism schedule can outmatch Carnival when it comes to excitement and fanfare, so it’s a great time to be in the country. You will definitely want to book your hotel room well in advance if you plan to visit during Carnival, especially if you are planning to attend the festivities in Port of Spain. The Diwali Festival, or the Festival of Lights as it is also known, is another top Trinidad and Tobago festival. While not as big as Carnival, it is also something that you would do well to include in a vacation to Trinidad and Tobago. A Hindu festival, Diwali attracts its fair share of tourists as well, and it is held in the months of October and November.

Festivals, the weather, and discount hotels and flights are just some of the things that might influence your decision when it comes to choosing the ideal time for Trinidad and Tobago trips. For those who have an open mind, any time is a good time to enjoy a Trinidad and Tobago getaway. There’s plenty of sightseeing to do regardless of the month, and the warm and friendly locals are always interesting whether it be June, November, or March. There’s always something going on in this sizzling tropical land, though it’s never hard to find somewhere to escape to when you really want to relax. Just remember to bring your bathing suit, a beach towel, a good book, a healthy appetite, and a good attitude with you to Trinidad and Tobago, and your vacation will be a rewarding one.



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