Turks and Caicos Airport

The Turks and Caicos airport that most international travelers arrive at is the international airport on Providenciales. This airport is appropriately called the Providenciales International Airport, and it is served by a variety of major airlines. Dozens of flights from around the world are welcomed at the Providenciales Airport on a weekly basis, in fact, and the majority of these flights come from North America, Europe, and other islands in the Caribbean. The flight from the east coast of the United States only takes a few hours, and this helps to make the islands especially popular among US travelers.

The Providenciales Airport is essentially found in the middle of Providenciales island, which makes it convenient to all the beach destinations. It doesn't take very long to get to Grace Bay Beach, for example, so you can be kicking back and relaxing on the sand not long after you grab your luggage. A relatively small airport, the Providenciales Airport only has one runway and one terminal building. Among the facilities are a restaurant, a bar, a variety of gift shops, and a duty-free shop that specializes in jewelry. Visitors can also take advantage of the free Internet access in the departure lounge. In terms of ground transportation, you can take a taxi or rent a car at the Providenciales Airport. Many of the resorts around the island offer complimentary airport transfers, however, so you might not have to worry about ground transportation.

The only other Turks and Caicos Airport that carries the international tag is the JAGS McCartney International Airport. Also known as the Grand Turk Airport, this airport handles few international flights, and they tend to come in the form of charter flights. Most people who fly to Grand Turk arrive at the Providenciales Airport first and then take commuter flights. The trip only takes about 25 minutes, so it's not a big hassle. Daily flights between the airport in Providenciales and the Grand Turk Airport are available. Once you arrive at the airport in Grand Turk, you will find the facilities to be relatively complete. A restaurant, a bar, and a tourist information desk are among the available facilities, and ground transportation is available in the form of cars and taxis. As a side note, the airport on the island of Grand Turk is commonly referred to as the Cockburn Town Airport, due to the fact that it is only about a mile south of the Turks and Caicos capital.

Once you get to the Turks and Caicos Islands, you can consider getting from island to island by way of domestic flights. The eight main islands have either a domestic airport, a landing strip, or some sort of landing facility, as limited as it might be. The South Caicos Airport is among the other smaller airports, and you can also fly into the islands of North Caicos, Middle Caicos, Salt Cay, Parrot Cay, and Pine Cay. As for the islands and cays that don't receive flights, getting there by boat is the way to go.



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