Turks and Caicos Car Rentals

Turks and Caicos car rentals are available from a surprising number of outlets for such small islands. There is also a wide variety of types of vehicles available to suit the kind of terrain you might be exploring. If you plan on pretty much staying at one of the resorts, the best way to get a cheap rental car in Turks and Caicos is to only rent one for the day or days that you want to get out and about. That way, you will not be paying for a vehicle that's sitting in the hotel car park during most of your stay. Many hotels, especially on the smaller islands and those with small populations offer complimentary bicycles to their guests, and there are bicycle rental outlets in a number of places.

However, getting around any of the larger islands can be difficult and expensive, so Turks and Caicos car rentals (or motorcycles or scooters) are recommended for at least a portion of your vacations. The only public transportation system (minivan bus) is on the island of Providenciales, and it doesn't really run on a schedule. If you want one, hotels will call for you. There are major international car rental chains at the Providenciales airport, which is where those visitors who fly in will first land. These generally will be the most expensive. There are also several rental outlets around Grace Bay Beach.

A cheap rental car in Turks and Caicos is often available from smaller local companies, which also offer motorcycles and scooters. If you are arriving aboard ships on Caribbean cruises, you can also rent scooters and motorcycles at the cruise port on the southern end of Grand Turk Island. In fact, the largest number of vehicle rental outlets will be found on these two islands. For some of the other Turks and Caicos Islands, you can take your Turks and Caicos car rentals on the ferries. There are Jeeps and other four-wheel drive vehicles available for tours in some of the more rugged areas and for sand dune explorations. If you've come for special occasions like weddings and honeymoons, you will find a handful of local companies offering chauffeured limousines on Provideciales Island. These companies also offer tours, and the air-conditioned comfort can be fabulous during the hottest summer weather.

Another way to secure a cheap rental car in Turks and Caicos is to look for all inclusive vacation packages that will often include one for the entire vacation or for a portion of it. Do note that driving is on the left-hand side, as this is a British territory. At traffic circles (called roundabouts), remember to go around the circle in a clockwise direction. You enter to the left, and yield to traffic coming from your right. This is the opposite of traffic in the United States, and some of the companies will give you a brief instructional drive when you pick up your vehicle. You should check with your own car insurance company before departure to see if you are insured while driving here. If not, you can purchase short-term insurance on arrival. Many gas stations will accept credit cards, but in sparsely populated areas, cash may be the only currency, and the U.S. dollar is accepted here.

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