Grace Bay Beach

Grace Bay Beach consistently ranks among the best beaches in Turks and Caicos and around the world, and you'll know why as soon as you lays eyes on it. Amazingly soft and powdery sand meets clear turquoise waters at this world-class beach, and thanks to a barrier reef that is found just offshore, the conditions are most always tranquil. The swimming is excellent, thanks to the tranquil waters, and since there is a reef within reach, many visitors also take to snorkeling or scuba diving.

Grace Bay Beach calls the Turks and Caicos island of Providenciales home. More specifically, this idyllic strip of sand stretches from the Leeward area on over to Turtle Cove on Providenciales's northeast side. A healthy number of hotels and resorts line parts of Grace Bay Beach in Providenciales, and they figure among the most popular lodging establishments in the Turks and Caicos. The presence of these hotels and resorts doesn't spoil the beauty of the beach, however, and there are no public facilities to mar the overall scene. Also, there are parts of the beach where you will find no development at all.

The hotels and resorts that can be found at Grace Bay Beach offer various facilities that can serve the needs of both guests and non-guests. These facilities include restrooms, bars, and restaurants. If you are staying at one of these hotels and resorts, then all the better, as you will have other great facilities and amenities at your disposal. Some even have spas. Among the best Grace Bay Beach hotels are the Grace Bay Club and the Regent Palms Resort. The rates aren't cheap at these luxury resorts, though you should find that it is money well spent.

While Grace Bay Beach is one of the best beaches in the Caribbean, it hardly gets overcrowded. On most days, all you have to do is wander along its length, and you are likely to find a spot all your own. This is part of the overall allure. As for things to do at Grace Bay Beach in Providenciales, swimming, snorkeling, and diving aren't the only options. Other watersport activities that are popular include windsurfing, sailing, and ocean kayaking, so you can stay active if you please. Of course, kicking back and relaxing on the soft sand might prove more tempting. Either way, the experience is bound to be an unforgettable one.

Image: mcclave (flickr)
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