Turks and Caicos Holidays

Turks and Caicos holidays have been increasing in popularity in recent years. This is due to the fact that word is getting out in relation to just how rewarding a TCI escape can be. Turks and Caicos beach holidays are certainly popular, as this British Caribbean territory boasts some of the best beaches in the world. It's not all about the beaches, however. Visitors can enjoy a wide range of fun pursuits when they're not relaxing on the sand, and these pursuits include diving. The Turks and Caicos is also one of the world's most divine diving destinations.

A Turks and Caicos holiday typically includes plenty of time at the beach, and for good reason. The beaches in this island chain are known for their soft white sand and their stunning turquoise-blue waters. Thanks to offshore reefs, the water at the beaches is usually calm, and this helps to make for great swimming and snorkeling conditions. Stay at one of the TCI beach resorts, and you can enjoy non-motorized water activities like these at no extra cost. Both luxury and regular beach hotels can be found in the Turks and Caicos, and should you prefer, a collection of vacation rentals can also be found on or near the sand.

Travelers who have more than beach time in mind for their Turks and Caicos holidays can always look to arrange diving excursions, and as you might expect in an island territory, the fishing is excellent. Both pursuits can be enjoyed throughout the year, thanks to the TCI's great weather, and there are plenty of tour companies and fishing charters that can help you maximize your fishing or diving adventure. In fact, many of the tour and charter companies in the TCI offer more than one option in terms of possible activities, and you can often combine experiences. A fishing charter might reserve some time for snorkeling, for example, and should you visit during the months of December and February, you can hope to add whale watching to the picture. These are the months when humpback whales migrate through the area waters.

Whether you plan on enjoying a lot of different activities during your vacations or you prefer taking it easy, pampering yourself on the side is always an option. There are some amazing spas across the islands, the bulk of which are found at upscale resorts like the Parrot Cay Resort. Spa vacations in the Turks and Caicos are about as relaxing and rejuvenating as spa vacations get. Few destinations in the world are this laid back, and the natural beauty of the archipelago can only help visitors stay in the right frame of mind. The spa resorts in the TCI offer some great spa packages between them, so you might look to take advantage.

The Turks and Caicos is home to at least one excellent golf course, so you can add golfing to the picture when planning your holiday. Other rewarding things to do include shopping, thanks to the unique shopping opportunities, and dining, as these islands are known for having some of the best food in the Caribbean. Should you need another reason to pay these islands a visit, the boating possibilities are sublime, and there are a couple of casinos that offer fun gaming action. There's essentially something for everyone in this island chain, so everyone in your group should have little trouble keeping happy.

When planning Turks and Caicos holidays, keeping an eye out for holiday packages is recommended. These travel packages can save money and time, as they take care of a lot of the planning process and tend to offer enticing discounts. Among the things that you can hope to include in your TCI holiday package are flights, accommodations, ground transportation, and tours. There are also the Turks and Caicos all inclusive packages, which are offered by the two all inclusive resorts that can be found on the island of Providenciales. At these resorts, guests pay an upfront fee that includes lodging, meals, and host of fun activities. Some activities, such as diving and visiting a spa, can be enjoyed for an added fee if you are interested. Travelers wishing to take Turks and Caicos all inclusive holidays might also look to arrange a cruise. Cruises in general are all inclusive, and ever since the TCI opened its Grand Turk Cruise Center in 2006, the big ships have been coming in.



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