Sapodilla Bay Turks and Caicos

Sapodilla Bay Turks and Caicos is a sublime place to escape to when you need to recharge your inner batteries. Also known as "the children's beach," this beach on the southwest side of Providenciales boasts pristine sand and stunning turquoise water. Thanks in part to the two cliffs that can be found on other side, the beach is relatively secluded, and offshore reefs help to create calm water conditions. If there are any waves, they are likely to be gentle, and at some parts, you can expect the water to be both shallow and clear up to 100 feet out!

Sapodilla Bay Beach gets its nickname from the fact that it is relatively well protected. As is true of nearby Taylor Bay Beach, it is part of the Chalk Sound National Park. The often-smooth surface of the water encourages yachts and other boats to sail into the area, and those who find themselves onshore can engage in activities such as snorkeling and swimming. Kayaking out on the open waters can also be a blast, and on most days, jet skis can be rented. Since Sapodilla Bay Turks and Caicos faces west, the sunsets are usually sublime, which is just one more reason to visit. Also, rare is the day when the sand is overcrowded. In fact, you might just have the majority of the beach to yourself, especially in the morning.

Unlike the more renowned Grace Bay Beach, the beach at Sapodilla Bay isn't home to a bunch of beach hotels. There are some vacation rentals in the immediate area, however. Many of the Sapodilla Bay rentals come in the form of spacious villas, and most of these villas feature wonderful amenities, such as a private pool and a full kitchen. Some even have a dock and non-motorized water sports equipment for guests to take advantage of. The rates aren't cheap when it comes to the Sapodilla Bay rentals, though you should find that they compare nicely to the rates at the Turks and Caicos luxury hotels.

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