Things to do on Turks and Caicos

Things to do on Turks and Caicos include most of the activities you normally think of for tropical Caribbean islands, with a heavy concentration of activities found in beautiful turquoise waters and on sparkling powder-white beaches. There is not a great deal of nightlife, and the charm of the islands lie in their relaxed atmosphere.


Some of the finest beaches in the Caribbean are located here and provide things to do on Turks and Caicos that virtually all visitors enjoy. In fact, Grace Bay Beach on the main island of Providenciales is rated among the top beaches in the world. There are relatively few hotels here and only a handful of relatively large resorts, meaning the beaches are also among the least crowded in the region. If you are one of the few guests staying at the single resort located on the exclusive private islands of Parrot Cay or Pine Cay, you will have the beaches almost to yourself.


One of the Turks and Caicos attractions is its multi-million dollar cruise port located on the south end of Grand Turk Island. This is almost a destination in itself, able to handle the largest cruise ships in the world and with a pier allowing immediate access to the island. There is a huge Jimmy Buffet Margaritaville restaurant and bar, swimming pool with cabanas, shopping venues, and one of the finest beaches on the island. If you're not coming in onboard a large ship, you can book cruises on small boats for sightseeing tours, fishing, and scuba diving and snorkeling. These small boats (as well as ferries) are also available as a means of transportation to some of the other Turks and Caicos Islands.

Diving and Snorkeling

Also among the Turks and Caicos attractions, you will find some of the best scuba diving and snorkeling in the Caribbean. One of the best sites, accessible to novices and experienced divers alike, is right off Cockburn Town, the capital of this small archipelago. Most of the islands boast beaches with water that is shallow quite far out where the shelf drops steeply to a depth of more than mile. This makes for superb snorkeling in shallow water and superb diving at greater depths. The island is known for its huge manta rays, sea turtles, schools of dolphins, lobster, conch, smaller tropical fish, and colorful reef formations.


If you don't want to get under the water for your recreation, one of the most popular things to do on Turks and Caicos is go deep sea fishing, which is made excellent by the steep drop of the continental shelf. The largest number of operators and charter operations are located on Providenciales, although you can find them on all the inhabited islands. Anglers are seeking record tuna, wahoo, dorado, marlin, shark, barracuda, and more. There is also good bone fishing in the flats, and even fly casting from beaches.


Golf is one of the Turks and Caicos attractions that is more of a sidelight. Few people will come here for vacations that concentrate heavily on golfing, but many people who come for other reasons are thrilled to take a little time to enjoy the two golf courses. One, the Provo Golf Club, is located on Providenciales. The other, the Waterloo Golf Club, is located on Grand Turk Island. The former has eighteen holes, and is a highly respected club. The latter has only nine holes. There is also a miniature golf course that is fun for children and entire families.


The exclusive luxury hotels and resorts are Turks and Caicos attractions that draw visitors who want to get away from it all. Many of these properties have full-service spas that provide the kind of ambiance and service these visitors are seeking. The spa at the celebrity-studded Parrot Cay Resort is an example of over-the-top overindulgence. You will also find a few day spas in case you are staying at a property that doesn't have its own facility.


There are some very worthwhile attractions that don't involve the water and the beaches, and among the things to do on Turks and Caicos are guided and self-guided tours. At the top of the list to visit are the historic Grand Turk Lighthouse and the one-of-a-kind Conch Farm on Providenciales. You can enjoy four-wheel drive excursions on sand dunes, explorations of plantation ruins, and walks through charming towns with picturesque colonial architecture.

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