Turks and Caicos Travel

Turks and Caicos travel can be rewarding almost any time of year. You will find that the best time to go to Turks and Caicos for rock bottom prices is from about the first of June through about the end of November. But there are a few drawbacks, because this is when the weather is at its hottest. It can be in the high 90s (Fahrenheit) on a regular basis. It is also the hurricane season. While the Turks and Caicos Islands have not suffered from severe hurricanes since Hurricane Donna in 1960, there is bound to be another one sometime in the future.

The good news is that tropical storms can be predicted with relative accuracy fairly far in advance, so if you choose to take advantage of Turks and Caicos tourism during this period, do monitor the weather information prior to your vacations. Many of the Turks and Caicos travel discounts offered by hotels and on flights have restrictions and penalties for canceling. So, if you're considering traveling during hurricane season (or any other time that you've secured a special deal), you should review those terms carefully in case you decide to cancel.

There are other drawbacks to Turks and Caicos travel during this time of year. There are more mosquitoes (though they are present year round); some hotels may have remodeling and refurbishment construction going on during your stay; and some of the restaurants not attached to resorts and hotels may be closed. The benefits are excellent prices (discounted from 20 to 50 percent) even in the most exclusive luxury hotels and fewer tourists, so you often pay less to have some of the most beautiful Caribbean beaches pretty much all to yourself. When it does rain (generally brief periods in the early morning and late afternoons), it can be a welcome relief from the heat. Do note that August is very popular with Europeans, as many have vacation time lasting the full month. If you plan to travel during this month, it pays to make your arrangements a bit further in advance than normal.

Another bonus of traveling during the hotter summer months is that this is the best time to go to Turks and Caicos for scuba diving and snorkeling. Water temperature is pretty constantly in the 80s, which is more comfortable for you, and the warmer temperature brings more sightings of marine life, especially the larger manta rays for with the islands are famous.

Turks and Caicos tourism is at its peak during the driest time of year—from about mid-December to mid-April. You will pay the highest prices for dining, accommodation, and tours, and there will be more tourists. However, you probably won't be rained on and you will enjoy the most pleasant temperatures. This is the best time to go to Turks and Caicos and is when the majority of tourists visit. Other than the huge ships on Caribbean cruises and a handful of resorts, most of the hotels are relatively small. You need to make your arrangements as far in advance as possible to secure the lodging of your choice. This is even true of villas and vacation rentals, as the supply of these are limited. Peak season Turks and Caicos tourism is even more popular during the Christmas, New Year's, and Easter holidays, as well as during the February and March spring break periods. You will pay a premium during these times.

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