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Renting a car in the US Virgin Islands can be the best way to get around, that is if you are willing to drive on the lefthand side of the road, which is something new for a lot of people. When you rent a car in the US Virgin Islands, you will enjoy a level of freedom that those without a car won't be able to experience. Sure, you can hail a cab to get around, but there's nothing quite like being able to pick up and head off to a certain attraction as you please. Just remember that finding parking in the capital city of Charlotte Amalie can be a bit of an ordeal. Also, even though you will be driving on the lefthand side of the road, which is quite British, the steering column will be located on the lefthand side of the car, which is quite American. It can be somewhat confusing at first, but you're bound to catch on fast.

Renting a car on the three main islands here is possible, though some recommend saving money on a typically more expensive St John rental car by instead going with a St Thomas rental car. You can board a ferry in St Thomas, car and all, and use the car on St John island once you arrive. However, although this might save you some money, it can be a bit of an extra hassle that you might not be up for during your trip. It might just be easier to spend the extra money on a St John car rental instead. To fuel your rental car up, you can stop at a number of gas stations on St Croix and St Thomas. On St John, Cruz Bay is the main spot to fill up, so you will certainly want to do so before heading out to explore.

For those interested in a St Thomas rental car, the airport is a good place to start. Various international agencies are set up here, so you might rent your car immediately after arriving on your flight. There are also St Thomas rental car agencies in Charlotte Amalie, as well as at some of the larger St Thomas resorts and hotels. The same goes for those interested in St Croix car rentals. For a St John rental car, you can find agencies set up within walking distance of the ferry port at Cruz Bay. Some of the St John resorts and hotels also have rental car options, so you might choose to go that route as well. After deciding where to rent your car in the US Virgin Islands, you will then have to decide what kind of model is right for you. Of course, the better the vehicle and the longer the hold on it, the more you will pay. If you want added piece of mind, going with a 4x4 Jeep rental is a good way to go. It might not be often that you will need the 4x4 capabilities, but if you do, you will certainly be glad you have them.

Most of the roads in the US Virgin Islands are pretty good, though they can tend to be quite curvy and hilly in parts. Signs are pretty good along the roads, with signs of the road numbers being among the most prevalent informational tools. For help navigating, you might stop into a tourist office on the respective main islands, as they can supply you with good road maps. Should you be driving to your hotel or resort, it's often best to get direct directions from the hotel staff. If you experience a breakdown when out on the roads, it is recommended that you first call the rental company. Thankfully, each of the major islands has garages that offer tow vehicles, so if you should experience mechanical failure or something the like, help can be arranged.

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