Coki Beach

Perhaps one of the best things about Coki Beach in St Thomas is that it's not pretentious. Instead, it might prefer to be labeled a bit funky. A nice Caribbean beach where you can expect calm, beautiful waters and good snorkeling, Coki Beach is often a favorite with not only tourists, but locals alike. If you're coming into port at St Thomas on a cruise ship, then you might just consider spending a few hours at Coki Beach, which is what a good amount of cruisers are known to do. Perhaps the best and quickest way to get here from the cruise port is by taxi, and the ride should only take about 15 minutes. There is no entrance fee to enjoy the beach, which is a nice bonus, and for those who are interested, the nearby Coral World Ocean Park is surely worth checking out.

Coki Beach in St Thomas is found on the northeast side of the island, not exceptionally far off from Magens Bay, which is another one of the top rated St Thomas beaches. It's a fairly busy beach, especially during the peak season, and generally, the crowd is of the younger variety than what is usually found at Magens Bay. Curiously enough, feeding dog bones/biscuits to the fish has become quite the popular thing to do for those spending a day or more at Coki Beach, but it's up to you whether or not you find that to be a good idea. Seclusion is not usually something you can expect to find at Coki Beach, so if you are seeking a keen spot for a romantic getaway, then you might look to some of the other St Thomas beaches. However, for those who consider themselves social butterflies, it is certainly ideal. If you can get here on a day when the cruise ships are few to none, then you'll surely notice less people, so that is something to consider if you think you want a more relaxed beach setting.

Snorkeling right off the beach is one of the more popular things to do at Coki Beach in St Thomas, and for those who want to explore the underwater realm even more, there is also a dive shop on-site. The Coki Beach dive shop is PADI certified, so if you're not familiar with diving, then you can take the proper courses here. For those who are qualified divers, guided dive tours can be enjoyed. There are even dive classes available for kids, which helps to make Coki Beach a family-friendly place. Also helping to make it family-friendly is the aforementioned Coral World, which operates between the hours of 9 a.m.-5 p.m. daily. There is a fee to enter this attraction, and it should cost adults around $20 to enter, with kids getting in for less. The Marine Gardens exhibit is one of the highlights to be enjoyed during your Coki Beach Coral World side trip, and it allows visitors to observe a range of sea life, such as giant lobsters and seahorses. The Coki Beach Coral World park has been working hard at bettering its facilities in recent years, mainly with the idea of making them more attractive and interactive. When standing on Coki Beach itself, a glance to the right should reveal part of the Coki Beach Coral World facilities, which stretch out into the bay. It's the ocean park's Undersea Observatory Tower, which is a Caribbean one-of-a-kind.

Coki Beach in St Thomas is a fun beach to enjoy, even if it's just for a few hours. Some locals "cater" to the beachgoers, offering to braid their hair or supply them with a beach chair, among other things. A simple "No Thanks" should work to ward off anyone selling things on the beach if you have no interest in buying. There are some nice colorful food stands and such near the beach, so if you get hungry, you shouldn't want for a bit of variety. Depending on who you are, you'll either appreciate the food stands and shops, or simply find that they obstruct the scenery a bit, but they are convenient, that's for sure. There are also restrooms, lockers, and lifeguards at Coki Beach in St Thomas.

Whether you plan to snorkel at the rocky reef area, engage in a Coki Beach dive excursion, or simply take it all in, Coki Beach provides plenty in the way of entertainment. The crystal clear waters here are bound to lure you in, so grab a mask and a snorkel and check out the fish. It's a treat to see all the colorful fish that abound here. Some tourists have been known to label Coki Beach as the real side of St Thomas, so if you want a nice taste of local culture, you might consider adding it to your United States Virgin Islands vacation plans.

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