Coral World Ocean Park

Some of the most enticing coral reefs of the world are located throughout the Caribbean, but few other places allow you to get as up close and personal with sea life as you can at Coral World. Located on the northern coast of St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands, just east of Charlotte Amalie, Coral World Ocean park has an underwater observatory tower that takes you 100 feet off the shore and 15 feet below the surface. It has more than 20 portholes that show you the detailed minutiae of what goes on beneath the water's surface. Visitors to this Caribbean coral reef walk along a trail on the ocean floor and get to experience the colorful underwater world of St. Thomas during the Sea Trek helmet dive.

Coral World
Coral World

While this in itself should be enough to gather the crowds to one of the most beautiful Caribbean coral reefs, there are plenty of other activities at Coral World St. Thomas to entertain visitors. Ever want to play with sharks? Without a cage? Well, here's your chance. Put on your snorkel and jump in the shark pool, where you can watch nurse sharks, barracudas and other marine life up close. And if that is not enough, you get to pet a baby shark, finally answering the age-old question: do sharks care if you pet them?

A handful of pools are located throughout the grounds of Coral World. Here you can see stingrays, newborn green turtles and other sea life while the hours away in the sun. Feeding time is especially popular here. Perhaps jealous of all the attention paid to underwater wildlife, hundreds of iguanas congregate at Coral World too, lining the stone paths and wandering around the greenery.

SNUBA, Sea Lion Swim and Turtle encounter are also offered at Coral World, as is a semi-submarine trip for those that want to explore some of the best coral reefs of the world while staying dry.

Top image: Coral World Ocean Park
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