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There are a myriad of cruise lines that offer US Virgin Islands cruises, so planning yours should be a breeze. The US Virgin Islands is an extremely popular Caribbean cruise destination, with the port at the capital city of Charlotte Amalie being a famed Caribbean cruise hub. Charlotte Amalie is located on the island of St Thomas, and there is also a Frederiksted USVI cruise port on the island of St Croix. US Virgin Islands cruises are popular because of the kind of the experience that the islands offer. Stunning beaches, world-class snorkeling, and historic points of interest are just some of the temptations of a USVI cruise, so once you get here, you certainly won't want for interesting things to do.

If you live in the United States, US Virgin Islands cruises are especially attractive for a number of great reasons. First of all, you won't need a passport, and since English is the official language, you won't have to worry about communicating with locals. Throw in the fact that the US Dollar is the official currency, and you can imagine how hassle-free a USVI cruise can be. By no means do you have to live in the United States to enjoy US Virgin Islands cruises however, but if you do, there is less in the way of culture shock to deal with.

When booking US Virgin Islands cruises, you will likely visit the Charlotte Amalie harbor, which is the most popular cruise hub not only in the US Virgin Islands, but also in the entire West Indies. In Charlotte Amalie, visitors can choose to head into town once they arrive. City tours might be on your list of possibilities for shore excursions, or perhaps you'll want to briskly head off to one of the stunning St Thomas beaches. Shopping and dining in Charlotte Amalie is also a popular endeavor, and since the city is so compact, getting around by foot is a great way to go. If you book an island tour with the cruise company, you can often head into the mountains to enjoy panoramic views of the city below, not to mention far and beyond as well.

One of the beaches that you might consider visiting on a St Thomas island shore excursion is Coki Beach, which is where you will find the Coral World Ocean Park. Combining a visit to the park with a few hours on the beach is certainly a good way to go, especially if you are traveling with kids. More often than not, a USVI cruise will allow you to spend a few days on either St Thomas island or St Croix island, and if this is the case, you will have ample time to seek out a number of side trips. From St Croix, it's almost a must to visit the nearby Buck Island Reef National Monument, where you will find one of the world's best underwater snorkeling trails. If you make it over to the island of St John, the Virgin Islands National Park awaits you, and seeing exotic wildlife is part of the plan, so nature lovers might look into that.

Most US Virgin Islands cruises are a week or two long, but it really just depends on the individual cruise, so finding one to fit your time schedule is usually quite easy. The bulk of the cruises to the US Virgin Islands leave from ports in Florida, with Miami being the most popular. San Juan, Puerto Rico and New York City are other common embarkation points, so you might choose one of those two destinations if it's a better fit. In addition to visiting the Virgin Islands during your USVI cruise, you will also visit other Caribbean islands/countries, the amount of which depends on the number of days of your itinerary. Aruba, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic are just a few of the other islands/countries that pop up on many a USVI cruise schedule.

US Virgin Island cruises are usually agreeably-priced overall, but if you are looking for a cruise deal to the US Virgin Islands, there are a few ways to go about finding one. First off, it's a good idea to book early, which cruise companies like. It might not always be possible to do so, but if you do secure your spot well in advance, it can often mean considerable savings. Another good way to find a cruise deal to the US Virgin Islands is to forego an outside cabin for an inside one. You might not get a window, but that's just fine by most, as all the other amenities are basically the same. If you can't book your cruise in advance, you can still hope to find a cruise deal to the US Virgin Islands. Last minute travel deals are easier to find than you might think, so even if you wait, you might get lucky. Also, cruise lines, like airlines, like to fill seats so to speak, so they are known to offer special discounts with frequency. These deals can often come and go in a moment's notice, so if you find one you think you like, you might just go ahead and book it. You'll certainly be glad you did!

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