Hull Bay St Thomas

Hull Bay St Thomas is one of those relatively unknown beaches on the islands that few known about save for the locals who cherish it. Located on the island’s north shore, Hull Bay is scenic and fairly quiet with a calm surf and jagged bay that is known as a great surfing spot, the best on St Thomas, in fact. The white sand beach is the most obvious and attractive element of the backdrop, lined by grape trees offering visitors shade to lounge in. The beach has long been used by local fisherman as a place to dry nets and land catches. Several times per year there are local fishing tournaments held here. There is also a small local bar with live music and food.

Hull Bay is also known among surfers to be a great spot for surfing with good wave quality for the experienced. Swells come in from the north, northwest, and northeast, and the wind blows in both from the west, south, southwest and southeast. The waves are considered fast, hollow, and powerful while the bottom is reef coral , which is sharp and dangerous if you’re not aware. With such an ocean bottom, snorkeling is also one of the popular things to do at Hull bay St Thomas.

The area around Hull Bay is ideally set-up for small groups and not so much crowds; there are several places to park (especially on weekdays and outside of peak season when parking near the water is possible), an al fresco bar and restaurant is located within easy distance, and there are also a few options for restrooms close by. Getting there by taxi is also easy as long as you arrange a ride ahead of time for both arrival and departure. There are a dozen or so vacation rentals available around Hull Bay that can make a good alternative to the island’s resorts and hotels.

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