Lindquist Beach

Lindquist Beach is one of the most idyllic beaches on the USVI island of St Thomas, though it remains relatively unknown—at least to tourists. Locals are well-aware of this protected strip of sand, which is part of larger Smith Bay Park, and it has been used as a backdrop for both commercials and films. The fact that it is undeveloped lends to its popularity as a backdrop for such productions, not to mention its ability to serve as a great place to relax and forget about the real world for a while.

Developers have long been looking to develop Lindquist Beach, but thankfully, it remains in its natural state. In fact, if it weren’t for the Wyndham Sugar Bay Beach Club off to one side and the Sapphire Beach Resort on the other, visitors wouldn’t have much in the way of manmade things to observe. Backing the entire strip of soft, white sand are coconut palms, seagrape trees, and other typical Caribbean foliage. Meeting the soft, white sand is crystal-clear, turquoise water, and off in the near distance loom the USVI island of St John and some of the islands from the BVI chain.

The St Thomas Lindquist Beach surf is most often gentle, and since the beach is undeveloped and rarely crowded, the sounds of gently lapping waves and seabirds are all that visitors might expect to hear as they kick back and relax on the sand. Offshore reefs provide wonderful snorkeling opportunities, and the swimming is excellent as well. On dry land, sunbathing is the activity of choice, and should the sun get too strong, the trees that back the beach provide shade.

Lindquist Beach is found on east coast of St Thomas, and the fact that it is relatively hard to find helps to keep visitor numbers down. A simple dirt road provides access for those coming by land, and it’s also possible to arrive by way of boat. Upon arrival, visitors will notice a lack of facilities, though a lifeguard is usually on duty and there are port-a-john toilets for when nature calls. A few picnic tables round out the amenities, and it should be noted that because the beach is part of Smith Bay Park as of 2006, there is a small fee for adults. Sundays are usually the busiest days, and Lindquist Beach in general tends to be at its liveliest on the weekends.

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