Magens Bay

Choosing the absolute best beach on the island of St Thomas is no easy task, as there are many of them worth considering as such. Ask some folks, however, and they'll tell you that Magens Bay has the best, which is hard to argue. Both breathtaking and beautiful, Magens Bay is not only considered by many to be the top St Thomas beach, but also the top United States Virgin Islands beach. For one, it's sand is incredibly soft and pebble free, which encourages barefoot walks galore. Also ideal are the Magens Bay waters, which besides being attractively hued, are also alluringly calm. It might not be the most ideal spot for surfing, but if you like swimming, then Magens Bay St Thomas is a perfect fit.

Wonderful Magens Bay Beach is found on the north shore of St Thomas island, and since it a public park, it is very much accessible to all who want to enjoy it. As you descend on the beach from the road above, you'll instantly notice just how breathtaking it is. It's not uncommon to see a wedding in order on the beach once you arrive, and it's easy to see why couples like to get married here. It truly is an ideal setting for romantic ceremonies. Picnickers are also known to take advantage of the stunning Magens Bay Beach setting, as do plenty of other beach goers, specifically during the high season. Besides being great for swimming, Magens Bay is also prime for snorkeling, so you might do a bit of both if you are heading here. Should you be wondering just why Magens Bay Beach is so ideal for swimming and snorkeling, it's because it is protected by two peninsulas. These peninsulas help to keep strong waves at bay, discouraging beach erosion in the process.

Magens Bay St Thomas offers visitors plenty in the way of convenience and comfort. You can expect to find plenty of restrooms and showers on hand, as well as dressing areas and equipment rentals. Lifeguards are present on Magens Bay Beach, though given the calm waters here, you hopefully won't need to rely on their services. It is nice to have them around, however, especially if the kids are taking to the water. Sailboat rentals are available for those who wish to take the calm waters in a different fashion. Before, during, or after your Magens Bay Beach visit, you can always hit a nearby bar or restaurant to add some diversion. Perhaps you'll be up for grabbing a cocktail made with top of the line Virgin Islands Rum. The Cruzan Rum Distillery on St Croix island surely knows how to craft a most savory rum, so you might choose to go that route.

Magens Bay Beach can get pretty crowded, especially on weekends, during the peak season, and when cruise ships come into port, so it's not always the best beach for those interested in seclusion. If seclusion is what you're after, though, don't fret, because the western end of Magens Bay does tend to be less busy. The snorkeling opportunities found on the western end are arguably the best on-hand, and if you like sightseeing, this area makes for a nice vantage point. You'll see blue-green waters giving way to emerald peaks on the horizon. It's truly spectacular, so don't forget your camera. Of course, great views abound here regardless of your vantage point. Wading out into the bay with the aid of the smooth, sandy bottom, you'll see beauty all around you. Thankfully, Magens Bay Beach is mostly undeveloped, which really helps to keep the mile-long stretch as picturesque as possible.

There are a few hotels found near Magens Bay, so if you want to stay close by, that's surely an option. For some, Magens Bay villas are absolutely the best way to go. You can find some nice Magens Bay villas at the Magens Point Resort, and they certainly provide extra space and flexibility. Magens Bay Beach is very much a family-friendly beach, and families planning to head here will generally find that the comfort and convenience that the Magens Bay villas offer is second to none.

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