Maho Bay

If you want to enjoy a nice tropical beach in the United States Virgin Islands, then it's hard to go wrong with Maho Bay Beach, which is found on the least developed main island of St John. The beach at Maho Bay is long and full of soft, white sand, and the calm blue-green waters are extremely inviting. Since Maho Bay is well sheltered, the water is generally calm, which makes for easy swimming. Also, the water deepens very gradually, which helps to make it ideal for kids. Rarely crowded and always spectacular, Maho Bay Beach is definitely worth the trip.

Getting to Maho Bay Beach is made easy by the fact that it is near a road. This road, however, is pretty rocky in parts, and then it's on to a series of stairs that lead down to the beach below. Parking can be found along the roadside, but it is limited, so you'll want to keep that in mind. The nearest town is Cruz Bay, where cabs can be hailed for those who haven't rented a car, and there are also shuttles available that go between town and the other St John beaches in the area. Once you arrive at Maho Bay, you can either choose to spend just the day here, or a few if you please. There are some interesting Maho Bay campgrounds not far off from the main Maho Bay beach, and they offer a nice, eco-style experience. At the Maho Bay campgrounds, you'll find a nice restaurant and bar, as well as a general store and a place to rent watersports equipment. In the "Harmony" section of the Maho Bay campgrounds, there are cottages available, and tent-like units can also be booked in another section.

There is a smaller beach at Maho Bay that is closer to the campgrounds, and though this stretch of sand isn't as wide, it is an excellent spot to enjoy a swim. Beach chairs can be rented if you are interested, and it's just a short walk to the main beach if you want to experience both. Should you be interested in doing a little hiking when planning a Maho Bay Virgin Islands getaway, there is a nice trail here that is maintained by the National Park Service. If watersports are what you want to get into instead, there is a PADI certified dive shop at Maho Bay Camps, so scuba diving is always an option. Kayaking, snorkeling, sailing, and windsurfing are just some of the other watersports ideas for those heading to Maho Bay, so it can definitely be all about fun in the sun.

Have you ever wanted to learn a little bit about glass blowing? You can do that too at Maho Bay. At the Maho Bay campgrounds, there is an art center that specializes in glass blowing, as well as ceramics making, watercolor painting, and paper making. Classes and demonstrations are available for both adults and children, so you might bring the kids on by if you are traveling with any. Another interesting thing that you'll find at the campgrounds here is the "help yourself" center, where visitors can access things left behind by past guests. If you forgot the sunscreen or are looking for a new book to read, it's definitely worth passing by the center to see what you can find. There's plenty of reasons to plan a Maho Bay Virgin Islands trip, and it seems there's little here that is lacking. A stunning beach, gorgeous vistas, an array of things to do, and interesting accommodations are just some of the things that make Maho Bay a most agreeable U.S. Virgin Islands destination.

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