Morningstar Beach

Morningstar Beach on St Thomas faces popular Frenchman’s Bay which is also close to one of the most popular US Virgin Islands all inclusive resorts, Frenchman’s Ref Beach Resort by Marriott. Called both Morningstar Beach and Frenchman’s Bay Beach by St Thomas locals, no matter how you slice it, this beach is the picture of perfection. It tilts slightly, dipping its edge into the ocean which it faces headlong. Somewhat narrow, the beach is backed by plenty of rocks comprising the perfect hangout to relax on and take in the view.

Many consider access to Morningstar Beach fairly difficult, which creates a situation in which mostly younger crowds visit along with Marriott guests who are afforded ideal access via an elevator that extends down from the jagged cliffs. The elevator can be used by virtually anyone; it’s found close to the resort but not immediately adjacent. The beach spans oceanfront condominiums and a whole lot of lush foliage too. Swimming is good most of the time but because the beach opens directly onto the ocean, the surf has a tendency to get rough depending on the weather and seasons.

Visitors to the beach enjoy golden sand and a coral bottom. It’s one of the best beaches to spend a day on; there are all types of services and amenities conveniently located along the beach. Beach chairs and umbrellas can be rented via beach kiosks, snorkel gear is easy to come by and even diving trips can be arranged. There are also rentals spanning simple water floats to elaborate sailboats.

Magens Bay

Magens Bay

Choosing the absolute best beach on the island of St Thomas is no easy task,...

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