Sapphire Beach

Sapphire Beach is largely responsible for attracting tourists to the eastern end of St Thomas. Much of the allure revolves around the beach’s soft sands and its enticing activity options. The snorkeling is especially good, thanks in part to the reefs and rocky ledges that are found off the right side, and when the breezes kick up, it’s not uncommon to see windsurfers plying their trade. Whatever your intentions, this is a beach that has little trouble satisfying, and the fact that it is easy to access only lends to its overall popularity.

The St Thomas beaches include several gems, with Sapphire Beach being just one example. A wide beach, it provides plenty of room for visitors to stretch out, and there are activity options to suit a range of tastes. In addition to snorkeling and windsurfing, the activity options at Sapphire Beach include sunbathing, swimming, and kayaking. Thanks to a nearby marina, visitors can also look to go parasailing or rent a jet ski for some fun out on the water. When a break from such activities is in order, it is possible to get some food and/or drinks at the Sapphire Beach Resort. This resort serves as a backdrop to Sapphire Beach and could hardly boast a more privileged location.

Also serving as a backdrop for Sapphire Beach are seagrape trees that provide inviting shade on hot and sunny days. Looking out over the clear, turquoise waters, on the other hand, visitors see various cays, as well as the island of St John. Also worth highlighting is the manmade pond that can be found on the beach’s left side. It often attracts ducks, and chances are good that you’ll spot some iguanas in the immediate area as well. Lots to see and do Sapphire Beach, and for those without the necessary watersports equipment, it can be rented. Chairs can be rented as well for those times when simply kicking back with a cold one in hand is the activity of choice.

To get to Sapphire Beach, many tourists hop on a bus in the St Thomas hub of Charlotte Amalie. On the buses that are bound for the island’s east end, it is possible to request a drop-off at the Sapphire Beach Resort. Once at the resort, it is just a short walk to the sand.

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