St Croix Beaches

Most visitors to St Croix in the United States Virgin Islands (USVI) have it in mind to visit at least one of the St Croix beaches during their trip. There is very good reason for this, as they are easily some of the best beaches in the island chain, if not in all the world. With an ample variety

to choose from, the beaches of St Croix are able to meet a range of tastes and preferences, so finding the right one for your vacation shouldn't be an issue. It's possible to find a Saint Croix beach with a hotel on it if you are interested in going that route, and that can be a good idea as it can be expensive getting back and forth from other St Croix hotels. Regardless of where you stay, or how you get to your Saint Croix beach of choice, you will enjoy a tropical setting that would likely be the envy of all your friends back home, especially should you be coming from the north during winter.

If you had to pick the best Saint Croix beach, you would do well to nominate Turtle Beach, which is actually not found on Saint Croix, but on nearby Buck Island instead. Buck Island's Turtle Beach is just a mile from the northeast shore of St Croix, and it's famous for its underwater snorkeling trail. There are no hotels on Buck Island, so visitors will have to arrange a boat trip over. Scuba diving expeditions can also be arranged if you want to not only see the reefs here, but also the labyrinths and grottoes. Sandy Point is another interesting and unique Saint Croix Beach, and it's part of the pristine Sandy Point Wildlife Refuge. Here, sea turtles lay their eggs, so the beach is only open to visitors on the weekends of certain months. If you want a spectacular Saint Croix beach that is devoid of concessions and never crowded, then Sandy Point is definitely worth putting on the list of considerations.

For those who can't make it to Buck Island's Turtle Beach to go snorkeling, Davis Bay Beach and Cane Bay Beach make for a good trade. You can enjoy some of the best snorkeling in the islands at Cane Bay, and the swimming is excellent at both. Bodysurfing tends to be more popular than snorkeling at Davis Bay Beach, but you can try both if you please. The recently renovated Carambola Resort is located at Davis Bay Beach, so if you are looking for St Croix beaches with accommodations on them, you might book a stay here. Perhaps you are staying in either Christiansted or Frederiksted and are interested in beaches that are closer to these respective cities. Both Rainbow Beach and La Grange Beach can be found near Frederiksted, the former offering great snorkeling, the latter a bar close by. In Christiansted, the Hotel on the Cay has what is arguably the best beach in the immediate area, and you'll find white sand and palms here. You can get to this beach by way of ferry, and the very short trip is free to guests at the hotel.

The list of recommendations for the beaches of St Croix could go on for quite some time, and you might have to visit a couple different ones to find your favorite. The kinds of beach amenities and concessions available will depend on the beach you choose, so if nothing else, you might research that aspect before you go. For those who like it quiet, Jack's Bay is a perfect spot to get away from it all. It's not the easiest to access, but given the fact that it is usually deserted, you can enjoy a nice level of privacy here. If you like a little more action, then Cramers Park will be a better fit. This choice for St Croix beaches gets pretty hectic on the weekends, and people watching is certainly part of the experience. You can camp at Cramers Park, and it offers picnic tables, grills, and bathrooms, not to mention some pretty good snorkeling.

If camping isn't your thing, maybe a Sugar Beach St Croix getaway will prove a perfect choice. A condominium resort complex that prides itself on delivering a good time, Sugar Beach is bound to please. You can choose from studio condos on up to 4-bedroom units here, and each unit offers a healthy amount of amenities, including a full kitchen, cable TV, air-conditioning, and a freeform pool, to name a few. Yes, the sky is pretty much the limit when it comes to the beaches of St Croix, so take heart in knowing that your perfect beach awaits you on a St Croix, United States Virgin Islands vacation.

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